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Stars and their planets form out of the same natal gas cloud, which leaves its impression on a star's metallicity: the abundance of elements heavier than hydrogen and helium.
Pearson's correlation coefficient analysis of individuals' data indicated that there were significant correlations of abundances distribution among seasons (P < 0.
megnini varied over time with multiple peaks in spring, summer, and fall months; ticks were collected during winter months but in low abundances (Fig.
The curves for the estimated and observed abundances were similar, although the trend for estimated abundance was inverted for 2004 (Fig.
A flurry of initial studies had suggested that helium abundances in the stars approached 27% by mass (see [3] for a review).
Beneficial and pest insect abundances within each vegetation type (shrub, grass and weed) were compared from spring to fall using a full factorial mixed model ANOVA (SAS 1999).
As to total biomasses or abundances, only total biomass without Chaoborus was significantly connected to layers.
Large patches that had an abundance of females in 1995 had the highest abundances in 1996.
Our assumption is that if two independent estimates do not reflect true population abundances, their variations would not be correlated to one another.
1997) indicated that present-day abundances, even on the medium-mortality beds, are below such densities, but abundances in the 1970s were very likely high enough and medium-mortality abundances circa 2002 (Fig.
The new value is also at odds with well-established correlations between deuterium and measured abundances of other elements in stars and the gases between them.
Cosmic abundances as records of stellar evolution and nucleosynthesis in honor of David L.