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A further rise in temperature is expected for Monday, with abundantly cloudy skies prevailing.
A spokesman for the office said they were making amendments to the report to make it abundantly clear collusion did not apply to the Royal Ulster Constabulary commander of its Downpatrick subdivision at the time, Ronald Hawthorne.
I created Live Abundantly Media to provide events to help people live abundantly.
It is abundantly clear there is no central plan of direction, and a lack of cohesion.
There are many ways in which we see God providing not just what we need, but God providing for us abundantly. That may be in physical needs, it may be in the community and relationships that are provided for us, but remember that these are signs in the Johannine way of speaking.
Now, we will produce the IFN gamma protein more abundantly and cheaply from milk of transgenic rats," he said.
The Glovers were largely dominant as the scale of the task facing Liverpool legend Barnes was made abundantly clear.
One thing is abundantly clear, Rodney needs no help whatsoever in damaging his administration - that is one thing he is quite capable of on his own.
"Abundantly Wild: Collecting and Cooking Wild Edibles" is a guide to those in the Midwest to finding food in their natural surroundings, and how to harvest food to cook in their own home.
me because you have written me abundantly and often I regret to inform
That's a fact British Governments have made abundantly clear.
2 : to supply abundantly <Newspapers loaded her with praise.>