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Tending to deceive; practicing abuse; prone to ill-treat by coarse, insulting words or harmful acts. Using ill treatment; injurious, improper, hurtful, offensive, reproachful.

Using abusive language, even though offensive, is not criminal unless it amounts to fighting words that, by their very utterance, tend to incite an immediate breach of the peace.


adjective detracting, insulting, maledictory, menacing, quarreling, reviling, threatening, ungracious
Associated concepts: abusive language, abusive letter, abuuive manner
See also: calumnious, contemptuous, hostile, impertinent, insolent, libelous, obloquy, offensive, outrageous, pejorative, phillipic, scurrilous, slander, vilification
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I catalogued my complaints, finishing with an abusively pompous, "It's just not f*** good enough.
However, on occasions some creditors and debt collectors go beyond what is reasonable and mislead, harass or act abusively towards debtors.
Costs awards can be made for example if hearings are postponed late in the day due to the action of a party; if a party fails to comply with an order made by the tribunal, or the employment judge or tribunal is of the opinion that, either the party (in bringing proceedings), or the party or their representative (in conducting proceedings), has acted vexatiously, abusively, disruptively, or otherwise unreasonably, or that the bringing or conducting of proceedings has been misconceived.
The Commission consequently closed its infringement proceedings against the Warsaw-Okecie airport, which until recently had abusively restricted competition for its airside services, which refers to the likes of refuelling and maintenance.
I was abusively beaten while running through the alleyway to the outer prison yard.
A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said: ``The woman is believed to have been behaving aggressively and abusively to passengers and flight attendants before assaulting another passenger.
Kevin Gibbs, the NSPCC's area services manager for South and East Wales, said, 'Children are saying to us that they are either worried about turning into someone who does behave abusively or they will choose a partner who is violent towards them.
The Public Order Ministry said the two brothers had acted abusively after their arrest -a claim not recognised by the court .
Elaine also gestured abusively to rival fans who chanted at her to "go home and do the washing".
This is just a "limited step towards abolishing banking secrecy," but the European Commission would at least like to prevent member states from invoking banking secrecy abusively as a pretext for refusing to cooperate with each other, explained Taxation Commissioner Laszlo Kovacs, on 2 February, as he presented two draft directives meant to combat tax fraud.