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Human gratitude for God's fairness, love, kindness, and mercy, he contends, does not stop them from acknowledging God's abusiveness.
Here, we are reminded of Lawrence for whom Hester is a "gentle devil" desiring to revenge herself upon the male species for all their abusiveness and oppression" (Lawrence, 1977, p.
Literature has well documented that child abuse is a direct pathway to adolescent problematic behaviors such as conduct disorders, reactive aggression, sexual abusiveness, and substance use.
What's exposed when we see right-wing religious people acting out sexually, judging others ruthlessly, affirming moralistic superiority, resorting to violent language and activities, abusing children and others, and condemning to hell-fire all those who don't agree, is the sexual dysfunction and erotophobia, tribalism, violence, abusiveness, and self-righteousness inherent in right-wing religion.
The prevalent view of Peckinpah's Garrett --I've argued it myself--is that he was depicting in the character much of what he worried about, feared, or hated in himself: his abusiveness, his ambitiousness, his personal corruptibility, his spiritual emptiness, his own capacity for violence (notably toward women), his attraction to the sordid, his fear that he had sold himself out, his increasing isolation from family and old friends, and of course his alcoholism.
For perceptive commentary on institutional failures in the handling of Yoder's abusiveness, see George R.
Industry attorney Hilary Miller joined and extended the debate regarding the Bureau's new abusiveness authority.
The analysis also demonstrates, without resort to sentimentalism or bloody images, the calculated abusiveness of slavery in its denial of the basic requirements for health and survival unless there was some benefit for slave owners.
The role of shame and guilt in the intergeneracional transmision of abusiveness.
1995) 'Male abusiveness in intimate relationships,' in Clinical Psychology Review, Vol 15(6) p: 567-581.
She experienced the same religious assurance when coping with Reginald's abusiveness.
respect your feelings") to analyze Support by Mother and Support by Father, and the subscales of Abuse to assess the frequency with which the behaviors of Physical Abusiveness (4 items, e.