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To reach; to touch. To touch at the end; be contiguous; join at a border or boundary; terminate on; end at; border on; reach or touch with an end. The term abutting implies a closer proximity than the term adjacent.

When referring to real property, abutting means that there is no intervening land between the abutting parcels. Generally, properties that share a common boundary are abutting. A statute may require abutting owners to pay proportional shares of the cost of a street improvement project.

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v. when two parcels of real property touch each other.

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Table 3 Multiple Regression Analysis of the Natural Log of Sale Price, Portland Study Area Predictor Coefficient t-Statistic P-Value Constant 11.73260000 320.64 0.000 Abuts HVTL -0.01661500 -2.61 0.009 2004 Sale -0.16722000 -4.13 0.000 2006 Sale 0.12987800 19.06 0.000 2007 Sale 0.17290100 19.24 0.000 Quarter 2 0.03179700 3.94 0.000 Quarter 3 0.05439400 6.04 0.000 Quarter 4 0.06355800 6.40 0.000 Age -0.00444460 -5.85 0.000 Age Squared 0.00003131 2.96 0.003 Lot Size (ac) 0.42296000 5.01 0.000 Fair Landscape -0.02980600 -3.26 0.001 Good Landscape 0.04986000 5.64 0.000 Above Avg.
To me, the key phrase of this paragraph was at the very beginning: "Where such street walls abut an existing building ..."
Eddy, who came up with the substitute amendment, said less than a dozen sidewalks would be exempted under the latest proposal, including some on Grove Street (Route 122A), those along Pleasant Street (Route 122) that abut the rear properties of some homes on Meadow Lane, and a house on Conger Road, which also abuts Pleasant Street.
I am referring to your letter writer on Friday who complained abut the coloured boards that have been erected to try to disguise the mess of the homes which remain on Edge Lane.
Abutting transmission line is the factor of interest and is present at 300 observations, as shown in Table 1 (412 observations do not abut an HVTL).
Timber treads abut painted concrete walls, door frames are without architraves, plaster meets timber flush.
Gorda Ridge forms where two ocean plates abut. As the plates pull apart, they open up a crack that allows lava to rise from inside Earth.
GENTLEMEN, if your wife can gab for hours on end to your daughter or to her mother, you'll be pleased to hear that we now know what they are talking abut.
The tiles, marked for example with lines or arrows, must abut certain edges to yield the final pattern.
Many of the claims lapsed, but for the handful that remain within the proposed protected lands and for others that abut against.
The rear of their properties abut Pleasant Street, which is also a state highway (Route 122), but a brook runs through them, forcing residents to take a circuitous route to get to the sidewalk.
That's because the City Council last night implemented an emergency moratorium on the enforcement of the controversial shoveling ordinance for properties - including those along Meadow Lane - whose rear lot lines abut a city street or highway.