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Dressed in navy-blue trousers and a matching T-shirt, Joseph Abuti holds a tiny fruit from a giant palm tree.The fruit is one among a bunch produced by the tree on his farm in Lunza, Butere.
Provisional squad for Commonwealth Games-Light fly: Shaffi Bakari (Police), Matayo Keya (KNH); Fly: Mohammed Ali (Kongowea), Simon Mulinge (KDF); Bantam: Benson Gicharu, Isaac Meja (KDF); Light: Nick Okoth (KDF), Ethan Maina (Police); Middleweight: Edwin Okongo (KDF), Erick Otengo (Prisons); Light welter: Victor Onyango (KDF), Joseph Shigali (Police); Welter: Jacob Kimathi (Prison), Boniface Mugunde (Police); Middle: Edwin Okongo (KDF), Erick Otengo (Prisons); Light heavy: Nick Abaka (KDF), Peter Abuti (Prison); Heavyweight: Elly Ajowi, Frederick Onyango (KDF); Super-heavy: David Njuguna (Police), Fredrick Ramogi (KDF); Women: Fly: Christine Ongare (Nairobi), Veronica Mbithi (Dallas); Light Welter: Lornah Kusa (NRB) and Ruth Odongo (Kisumu).
Also to Simphiwe Sesanti keleboga thuso ya hawo abuti, especially as an avid Pan- Afrikanist and a proud Black consciousness activist, who has engaged the vast literary works of ntate Es'kia Mphahlele.
that is the actual or economic holding of a thing) and abuti (the
The CDC (2014) defines a CAUTI by using the Symptomatic Urinary Tract Infection (SUTI) criteria or Asymptomatic Bacteremic UTI (ABUTI) criteria, and the occurrence date is the time the last symptom is met.
Es preciso no atribuir en el lenguaje del derecho romano a la palabra abuti la idea que expresa en la mayor parte de las lenguas modernas, esto es, de un uso inmoderado, opuesto a la razon y vituperable.
Si enim volunt vos supponere adulteris, in hoc nolite subdi (BRUNO, Colossenses: 394A-B); Ibi require de hoc (sicut oportet in Domino) contra illos qui volunt abuti uxoribus (HUGO DE SAY CARO, Epistolas, 194).
Summum scelus est, sacra temerare, contaminare, profanare eiusque abuti.
In the Belizean Garifuna capital of Dangriga, as I learned soon after arriving, Jankunu was traditionally directed by a number of trained specialists or "leaders" known as abuti (a general term in the Garifuna language for "chief or "person in charge").
In the same light, a maternal uncle will be addressed as malome; an elder brother as abuti; an elder sister as ausi; a grandmother as Nkhono; a paternal uncle as Rangoane; parent in-laws will address each other as Mokhotsi, son in-law will address his parent-in-laws as Mohoehali, daughter in-law will address her parent-in-laws as Matsale; and so on.
Por el contrario, si que abundan los casos en que una misma <<figura>> puede aparecer designada: a) por un sustantivo <<abstracto>> o por una <<forma verbab>> (abusio / abuti); b) por un nombre <<abstracto>> o por una <<perifrasis>> occultatio / aliquid praeterire (55) // reticentia / aliquid reticere se dicere (56); c) por dos o mas perifrasis, como sucede con [TEXTO IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII], que, aparte de ser traducida por inuersio, lo es por continuata plura uerba translata, continuatae translationes (57), entre otras posibilidades.
-- Equidem noui quendam cuius lingua malim ad hoc abuti. -- At ego noui cuius lingua nihilo tutius sit abstergi quam aconiti foliis.