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com/research/8tgrxb/europe_markets) has announced the addition of the "Europe Markets for Dental Implants, Final Abutments and Computer Guided Surgery" report to their offering.
A screw-retained metal provisional abutment was placed into the soft tissue cast and flowable composite was injected around the abutment to the tissue height, capturing the remodeled contours of the soft tissue.
It will be necessary to close the road to traffic to replace the deck section of the abutment structure but any road closure will not occur until at least October 2014 and for a maximum of three weeks.
The car was going westbound when it passed another vehicle on the left, went onto the rumble strip, then veered right and struck the abutment, said Paul Jarvey, a spokesman for the office of District Attorney Joseph D.
The cab was mashed into the narrow space where the abutment rises up and meets the overpass, trapping Nelson, Oregon State Police said.
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This ability, not possible with titanium abutments, ensures the abutment is flush with the patients' gingiva--the soft tissue that covers the jawbone and surrounds the tooth--prohibiting the soft tissue from receding under the abutment.
As we ascend the open-grid mesh stairs on our way to the first abutment tower, some in the group start to squeal.
A CDOT maintenance crew built a rectangular prototype abutment, a rectangular pier, and an oval pier along Interstate 70.
In 2011, the total Latin American dental implant and final abutment market was valued at over $226 million.
This is the second part of a two-part article, and explains the techniques of making provisional restorations, such as the shell technique, the bulk technique for making a temporary restoration from scratch, or the basic technique of using the mold of the unprepared abutment in the preoperative impression, to form the temporary restoration.
It has been inserted into the stone abutment of a railway bridge which, long demolished, once spanned the river Serein.