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Caption: FATAL CRASH--The bus lies on its side after colliding with a bridge abutment.
Key Words: Periodontal, abutment teeth, plaque index.
In the MIS C1 system, the fixation screw between the abutment and the implant does not provide all the retention: the conical C1 connection is rotationally stable and positionally-oriented, and offers the greatest possible security against screws loosening and breaking.
DEFINITION AND HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE: The crown-to-root ratio usually thought of, as the proportion between the clinical crown and clinical root, represents the biomechanical concept of a class I lever for evaluating abutment teeth.
Composite was added to simulate an all-ceramic abutment preparation (Figure 4, above right) while maintaining the access hole for the screw.
12) There is no evidence for the presence of Sharpey's fibers between an implant or implant abutment and bone, however, a minimum width of peri-implant mucosa appears to be required to allow a stable epithelial-connective tissue attachment to form to the implant surface.
The car was going westbound when it passed another vehicle on the left, went onto the rumble strip, then veered right and struck the abutment, said Paul Jarvey, a spokesman for the office of District Attorney Joseph D.
To dig out the causes of seepage for Khanpur dam, detailed investigations were carried out in 1993 and as a result excessive seepage quantities were measured along the left abutment.
The cab was mashed into the narrow space where the abutment rises up and meets the overpass, trapping Nelson, Oregon State Police said.
Because of the distance through which movement occurs, the independent direction and magnitude of movements of the abutment teeth, and the tendency of the prosthesis to flex, stress can be concentrated around the abutment teeth as well as between retainers and abutment preparations.
Drain holes in diversion tunnel and downstream of right saddle and strengthening of grout curtain of left abutment of main dam were also carried out.
Astra Tech AB, an implant dentistry and CAD/CAM abutments company, has entered into a global strategic alliance with 3Shape A/S, the Danish-based provider of 3D scanners and CAD/CAM software solutions.