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This study evaluated health of abutment tooth and adverse effects of wearing fixed self-cure acrylic denture.
After the pre-operative impression has been made and the dentist has prepared the abutment tooth, the assistant makes a provisional restoration to cover and protect the abutment tooth.
The magnification of force created by a long span is too destructive to the abutment tooth under the soldered retainer.
Part 2 consisted of complications related to abutment that includes abutment loss which was checked visually, pocketing which was checked with the help of Community Periodontal Index of Treatment Needs (CPITN) probe and 3mm depth was considered as pocket, calculus and plaque were visualized by means of eye sight, while the mobility of abutment was checked by applying force bucco-lingually on abutment with the help of handle of mirror and 1mm movement of abutment in bucco-lingual direction was considered as mobile, gingival recession of abutment tooth was visualized and noted by comparing it with gingival level of adjacent teeth, caries was checked with the help of probe and mirror according to criteria of WHO.
* A retainer consisting of a metal receptacle (matrix) and a closely fitting part (patrix); the matrix is usually contained within normal or expanded contours of the crown on the abutment tooth and the patrix is attached to a pontic or the removable partial denture framework.
The design can be either linear or tripodal, two or three anterior teeth are splinted whenever possible, and support is derived from the central incisor and the most posterior abutment tooth. If the dental arch is curved the principle of effective indirect retention is utilized by the location of the rest on the canine or on the distal surface of the 1st premolar in a tripodal design.