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To reach; to touch. To touch at the end; be contiguous; join at a border or boundary; terminate on; end at; border on; reach or touch with an end. The term abutting implies a closer proximity than the term adjacent.

When referring to real property, abutting means that there is no intervening land between the abutting parcels. Generally, properties that share a common boundary are abutting. A statute may require abutting owners to pay proportional shares of the cost of a street improvement project.


v. when two parcels of real property touch each other.

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On plaintiff's appeal, the Appellate Division affirmed, holding that because the record demonstrated that "West River did not own the property that abutted the sidewalk where plaintiff tripped and fell, [it] was therefore not responsible for maintaining the sidewalk in a reasonably safe condition" (121 AD3d 602,602 [1st Dept 2014] citing Administrative Code of City of NY [section] 7-210; Thompson v 793-97 Garden St.
MRI also showed that the mass abutted the parietal and temporal lobes of the brain in the absence of any intervening bone.
The first bicuspid and cuspid are double abutted for a five-tooth bridge, which involves two large bicuspid pontics and a molar ceramco abutment.
But in Kelo the New London planners were quite happy to slate private homes for destruction while allowing the Italian Dramatic Club (a watering hole for local politicians) to remain untouched, even though it abutted one of the private homes that was taken.