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A man in his position is supposed to be a role model to youngsters, but he has set them an abysmal example.
65 close on 10/27, at which price it trades at an abysmal 7.
The Pittodrie manager said: "We are all gutted by what happened at Ibrox and it's difficult to accept such an abysmal performance.
LIAM LAWRENCE is desperate to make amends for the humiliating FA Cup exit at Brentford and the abysmal derby defeat by Middlesbrough when Sunderland visit West Ham.
I spoke to him after the game and he told me to my face that he thought my refereeing of the game was abysmal.
We should have won the game, I felt both sides were abysmal during the first half, but after that we failed to apply ourselves and lost our shape, " he said.
Freud's insight comes to mind when faced with Nora Speyer's canvases and their richly evocative, peculiarly impacted primordial texture, not to mention her vision of basic sexual objects--bodies (mostly naked and female) orgiastically entangled at times but more often falling in abysmal space, like souls in traditional images of hell.
GORDON STRACHAN admits to being baffled by his team's abysmal away form and has reached the conclusion that it has now become a mental problem.
The Saudi government has an abysmal human-rights record.
The preaching of the most abysmal kinds of prejudice against lesbians, gays, Muslims, and Jews are right up front in the pamphlets it distributes," she stated.
The difference in 3-point shooting was even greater with the Clippers shooting 100 percent (4 of 4) and the Nuggets shooting an abysmal 10 percent (1 of 10).