academic honor

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Lieutenant Abdullah al Marri, platinum medal winner of the scientific excellence award university student category, said that the award is the most prestigious academic honor in the State of Qatar that can be given to outstanding individuals.
On the occasion, Greenwich University also conferred Honoris Causa PhD degrees, the highest academic honor conferred by the university, to extraordinary individuals in recognition for their outstanding achievements in their respective fields.
Academically, she is preparing to be a teacher and has earned Southeastern Conference Academic Honor Roll accolades in the last two years.
It has been my honor and privilege over the past two years to serve as a member of the Council of Students for this great academic honor society.
An endowed chair is the highest academic honor a university can bestow on faculty.
But being valedictorian is the one academic honor that does matter to students.
from Columbia University School of Law, where he was a Kent Scholar, the highest academic honor awarded, and received the Class of 1912 Prize.
Betsy Picciano of Central Lakes College is one of four college instructors in Minnesota to receive the highest academic honor, the Educator of the Year Award, from the Board of Trustees of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities.
Angela earned this academic honor many times over in the trenches of public policy debates, albeit not the classroom"
leaders) in their local academic honor society on membership perceptions related to post-baccalaureate education and employment.
Brothers Richard and David Attenborough yesterday returned to the city where they spent their youths to receive a top academic honor.
He was a member of Phi Beta Kappa and a number of other academic honor societies.

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