Academic Year

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Academic Year

That period of time necessary to complete an actual course of study during a school year.

Social Security benefits may terminate at the end of an academic year, or a deferment from compulsory military service may continue only during an academic year.

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start of the academic term risked leaving many "It is to ministers' credit that when they realised that their initial decision was wrong, took speedy action to correct it and put money back in the pockets of students who need it in order to continue to study.
The IAA was responding to a report published in The Economist about "repression" in Bahrain on a day street thugs attacked a boys' primary school in Manama with firebombs - the fifth since the start of the academic term - and a group of masked men attacked policemen in Manama with Molotov cocktails, rocks and iron rods.
AS schools and colleges return to the new academic term, now is often the time when many people decide on the next step in their lives.
Many of the latest arrivals have been housed in schools and sports centres but, with the academic term due to begin in a matter of weeks, this is not a permanent solution.
However, Education Minister Dr Majid Al Nuaimi agreed to consider postponing the changes until September, but told MPs all government secondary schools should begin implementing the new system at the start of the second academic term.
Students enrolling for the spring semester start classes in January, studying for only one academic term in contrast to the two terms the rest of the students take.
The name comes from the date when students were not allowed to study in their colleges despite the announcement of the new academic term.
The end of another academic term draws closer and many of us will have been involved with both undergraduate and postgraduate examinations and assessments.
As you gear up for the new academic term, please consider sharing some of your talents with our committee
Chris said: "The new academic term is quickly approaching and we know that the main priority for the majority of students is freshers' week, but what if you lose your work before a deadline?
Addressing the faculty members and students of the Istanbul University on the occasion of the beginning of the new academic term, Erdogan said that "the five members of the UN Security Council determined the fate of the other 188 members.
The stadium took a stall at nearby Meadowhall shopping centre's 'Student Lock-In' designed to attract the 15,000 freshers descending on the city for the new academic term.

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