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Addressing a joint scientific session of the general meeting of the National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) and the board of the Health Ministry on the topic "Development of Medical Science in Azerbaijan, Priorities and Innovative Perspectives", the academician said that work has already begun in Azerbaijan in the field of stem cell research.
He called on other academicians to follow the sterling qualities of the National Merit Award Winner and Fellow of the Nigerian Academy of Letters who was more focused on the development and transformation of minds as opposed to material gains.
According to Academician Revalski, 2017 was marked by a change in attitude towards science because of the strategies adopted for its development.
This summit is not just a moot for academicians and industry, it is an initiative to develop a workable solution to meet the needs and demands of both academia and industry.
Academician also noted that Kyrgyzstan was on the initial path to innovative economy.
The many honors he received included the Lenin Prize (1984), Academician (1997) and the Hannes Alfven Prize of the European Physical Society (2001).
In his speech the academician gave negative assessment to increasing of the maximal volume of the water releases from the Lake Sevan,
Professors, academicians, poets, former employees of state institutions and members of local government councils, including such grand names for the Macedonian culture as Slavko Janevski, the author of the first novel in the Macedonian language, writer Bozin Pavlovski and sculptor Tome Serafimovski, have so far been declared by the lustration committee as collaborators of the secret services amidst public protests and outcries.
Summary: JEDDAH: The Saudi academician who has been charged with operating a terror cell to undertake activities aimed at spreading sedition in the country has been given until the next court session to reply to all the charges against him.
Do the academician views on Turkish teacher training process differ significantly in terms of gender?
Godfather of the Macedonian denar currency is academician Petar Ilievski and the name comes from the ancient Roman word denarius.