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To consent or to agree, as to accede to another's point of view. To enter an office or to accept a position, as to accede to the presidency.

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to become a party to an agreement between nations, as by signing a treaty.
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The public called for mothers to be cautious on how they dispose diapers to curb the problem while others called for the council leadership to establish why the Gamalete sub-council name was not acceded to.
She further called on Hamas "to cease and desist from inflicting such a punishment on Palestinians in Gaza, and to abide by Palestine's obligations in accordance with all the conventions and agreements to which it acceded."
Bulgaria acceded to the two important treaties a month earlier, on 22nd March.
By 1928 Serge Lifar, whom Guest calls the "solitary bohemian," acceded to the Ballet's throne.
In addition to Malaysia, the treaty has been ratified or acceded by Ethiopia, Ireland, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Panama and the United States.
ASEAN also agreed to the participation of China, Japan, South Korea, India, New Zealand and possibly Australia, once it has acceded to the group's non-aggression pact known as the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation.
So far, India, China, Japan, Pakistan, South Korea and the Russian Federation have acceded to the TAC.
As soon as S acceded to the latter, he was removed from the class on grounds of mental instability.
Under a safeguard clause, agreed to by China when it acceded to the World Trade Organization (WTO) in December 2001, the U.S.
For 20 years, she had acceded to McLaren's more subdued appetite for colour.
APRM is an instrument voluntarily acceded to by African member states as a self-monitoring mechanism, founded in 2003.
'Even China, which has about 50 million Muslims, has acceded to ICERD in 1981,' he said in a statement.