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The second movement, which is a single massive accelerando, takes more time before its quality is fully appreciated.
Baptista can also summon from birds the rhythm and volume modulations that human composers employ: an accelerando in the wood warbler's windup, a swelling crescendo from the Heuglin's robin-chat, a fading diminuendo from the Swainson's thrush, and so on.
In addition, CapMan has invested in the Internet content provider Infopiste ( Accelerando and in LPG Innovations and Iobox which are software companies developing mobile Internet solutions.
Schilling's discussion of `non-essential [willkurlich] ornaments' covers not only turns, mordents, et hoc genus omne -- departures, in short, from the written notes -- but also 'accelerando and ritardando, crescendo and decrescendo, mezza voce and portamento, legato and staccato etc.'(70)
And then I got up from my chair, shook his hand, and walked out of the office." A few months later, Auster capitulated and re-enrolled, but how bracing, nonetheless, is his wild accelerando of refusals, his "I quit," "I quit," "I quit"!
Her plays, which include Birds, Accelerando, !Bocon!, Looking for Angels, Cuts and Chain of Life, have been produced at such theatres as South Coast Repertory, Mark Taper Forum, New York Shakespeare Festival, Los Angeles Theater Center, Odyssey Theatre Ensemble, the Kennedy Center, INTAR, La Jolla Playhouse and the Williamstown Theatre Festival, as well as in Germany and Mexico.
In most of the headstrong and festive concluding moments of the symphonies Abbado whipped the orchestra up into a disproportionately loud accelerando, with results in the closing choral moments of the Ninth that verged on the raucous.
In a private lesson, the teacher can help practice cues, releases or tempo adjustments, such as a ritardando or accelerando by conducting a solo piece while the student plays.
There is also an element of plainchant in Shostakovich's Fifth Symphony, probably one of the most ubiquitous of all 20th century symphonies, but here, again, emerging as newly minted, with a flowing sense of forward momentum and delicate dynamic nuances - and, as the finale shrilled into action, a hairraising accelerando. Kogan drew some haunting colours from his players, not least an evocative colloquy between flute and horn, and snare-drum flourishes like the shuffling of a cardsharper.
Abuzz, abysmal abysses accede accelerando. Accelerometers accept accessible accidents.
Hugo and Locus Award winner Charles Stross is the author of singularity sky (2003), Accelerando (2005), Rule34 (*** Mar/Apr 2012), and a handful of novels and novellas in The Laundry Files, as well as The rapture of the Nerds (2012), a collaboration with Cory Doctorow.
The turmoil and terror of the child's exclamation is expressed without reserve; the climax is marked fff with additional direction of con somma forza, agitatissimo and an accelerando, resulting in a powerful finale that leaves no doubt as to the outcome of the situation.