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To accelerate the hammer, you must simultaneously drive it down through the low point by keeping the shoulder low and actively pushing with the right leg.
Accelerate (Volvo version of Accelerate is VCFRide) provides me with access to a huge pool of virtual inventory - if I don't have a vehicle that a retail customer is looking for on my lot, I can still close a deal by finding and buying that car on the site, and then having it shipped directly to my dealership.
7 Accelerate toward goal-line and look for ball - adjust, if necessary.
An order to accelerate to be effective need not be couched in terms of a specific command.
The NetliOne platform uses several optimization techniques to accelerate these interactions and deliver the performance and scale RIAs require, including optimizing JavaScript and flash execution, intelligently pre-fetching and loading content at the edge to reduce total page-load time, TCP connection management, optimized HTTP requests, and compression.
Maestro, the only AFE based on a solid state distributed hardware architecture, accelerates end-to-end application content delivery, intelligently manages server-side sessions and protects and optimizes server and application resources.
The WX and WXC platforms also deliver Application Flow Acceleration (AppFlow) technology to accelerate the performance of specific applications such as Microsoft Exchange, Windows files services, and web-enabled applications which rely on layer 7 protocols that are slowed dramatically by WAN latency.
The FastFDTD(TM) toolkit contains all files and documentation necessary to accelerate your FDTD computations using a simple input file format.
Department of Energy (DOE) as the lead team member representing an industry and academia partnership formed to accelerate commercialization of photovoltaic (PV) systems in response to the DOE's Solar America Initiative (SAI).