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Another way students accelerate their degree is by taking advantage of summer semesters and accelerated courses through their primary institution.
During the turns, you must accelerate the ball by tangential acceleration and angular acceleration.
Now dealers can utilize the ATC-Onlane powered Accelerate program to better manage their inventory without having to leave their dealership.
6 At 12 yards, break to post and accelerate as you look for ball.
What constitutes an order to accelerate may raise numerous factual issues.
The NetliOne platform uses several optimization techniques to accelerate these interactions and deliver the performance and scale RIAs require, including optimizing JavaScript and flash execution, intelligently pre-fetching and loading content at the edge to reduce total page-load time, TCP connection management, optimized HTTP requests, and compression.
Oracle Accelerate solutions combine Oracle's enterprise-class applications with partner expertise and rapid implementation tools in industry-tailored solutions that are packaged, priced and delivered by partners specifically to be easy to own for SMBs and SMGs.
Based on the integrated WX Framework[TM], which delivers the elements needed to accelerate applications and optimize WAN performance, the WX and WXC platforms help businesses improve application response times, maximize WAN investments, and control and prioritize key applications.
Department of Energy (DOE) as the lead team member representing an industry and academia partnership formed to accelerate commercialization of photovoltaic (PV) systems in response to the DOE's Solar America Initiative (SAI).
The Layer 7 SecureSpan set of products is designed to govern and accelerate Web service integrations spanning security and identity domains without expensive and inflexible programming.