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Software company CyberLink Corp (TW:5203) revealed on Tuesday that PowerDVD, PowerDirector, MediaShow and MediaEspresso,its flagship products, have been optimised for the latest AMD A-Series Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) family.
* Applications for accelerated approval (with some exceptions) should be supported by randomized studies and not rely on single-arm studies.
We used data from 1988 to determine the characteristics of students who had been accelerated before eighth grade.
Increasing demand on product reliability and shortening of product development cycle have motivated research in accelerated life testing which aims alleviating such pressure (Nelson, 2004).
One of our studies was a randomized trial in a large urban district that found significant positive effects on reading achievement for students who used Accelerated Reader according to the publisher's recommendations.
The accelerated delivery is reportedly part of the carrier's fleet renewal plan and the replacement process for its MD-80s.
The ramifications of this act are readily apparent to a building owner or lessee: The accelerated depreciation means a faster write-off of expenses, the result of a 15-year depreciation schedule rather than a 39-year depreciation schedule.
The accelerated and large accelerated filers indicated that their average total costs of compliance in 2005 were $3.8 million, and that these costs were, on average, 16.3 percent less than their total costs of compliance during 2004.
According to Accelerated Composites, the Aptera employs "unique, optimized aerodynamics" and is made almost entirely of lightweight composites.
Large accelerated filers would have to file annual reports within 60 days of their fiscal year-end (the previous deadline was 75 days).
Some students who enter secondary school are (much) younger than their classmates: They passed through primary school faster than the average student because they have been academically accelerated. Many teachers express their concerns about these relatively young, accelerated students, as is exemplified in the following statement of a Dutch language teacher of a secondary school in the Netherlands:
According to the company, Mistral's Accelerated Dial-up product can make web browsing up to five times faster than with a standard 54kb/s connection and e-mail download up to three or four times faster.

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