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The accelerated and large accelerated filers indicated that their average total costs of compliance in 2005 were $3.
Today, some voices question whether accelerated approval is necessary any more, since there are already 17 HIV antiviral drugs on the market.
This literature review describes the general concept of aging materials and defines accelerated aging.
Until the pending litigation on chilled water is decided, REBNY understands that based on current accelerated audit closing agreements the Department is negotiating with landlords, 25 percent of a landlord's 1997 tax liability for the sale of chilled water will be accepted to settle this issue.
The accelerated benefit strategy is one of the easiest ways to get cash quick, says Larkin Teasley, president and CEO of Golden State Mutual Life Insurance in Los Angeles.
Accelerated learning, with its emphasis on role-play, gets officers thinking on their feet and reacting to real-life situations.
The researchers assessed the students' social development at ages 18 and 23 with extensive self-report questionnaires, delving into such areas as educational and career aspirations, employment history, interests and activities, family encouragement, quality of friendships and opinions about the accelerated program.
It was easily established in Mobil that the subcontractors' work was accelerated.
two experimental versions of what is called a collective ion accelerator have now accelerated ions successfully in a manner that promises to be cheaper and on a smaller scale than methods now in use.
Under the accelerated share repurchase program, Dollar Tree will immediately pay $100 million and receive approximately 2.
The Company also announced that it entered into an accelerated share repurchase agreement with Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Netli Accelerated SSL Delivery ensures that the applications and business processes shared on the SAP Service Marketplace meet stringent security requirements without sacrificing performance," said Ralf Kuhn, program director of Services at SAP.

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