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By attentively watching, the observer would then have perceived the other molecules of the mass, following the example of this central star, become likewise condensed by gradually accelerated rotation, and gravitating round it in the shape of innumerable stars.
This motion, faithful to the laws of mechanics, would have been accelerated with the diminution of its volume; and a moment would have arrived when the centrifugal force would have overpowered the centripetal, which causes the molecules all to tend toward the center.
21, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The popularity and attraction of accelerated degrees have got many students wanting to quicken the pace of their degree, whether they're enrolled in an accelerated program or not.
Responses were also segregated between accelerated filers (public float between $75 and $699 million) and large accelerated filers (public float equal to or greater than $700 million), who presumably had filed management reports on internal controls in both 2004 and 2005, from "non-accelerated" filers.
Accelerated drug approval was one of most important accomplishments of early AIDS activism.
This report provides a review of the literature on accelerated aging of concrete.
Remember, the hammer is accelerated by the force you generate as well as the gravity pulling the hammer down.
The SAP explains the basis for the utility tax liability and the method (an accelerated audit procedure - AAP) of resolving this matter.
This approval was based on the accelerated approval regulations.
Taking an accelerated benefit from a life insurance policy is one way.
Based on her research and interaction with police officers, she concluded that accelerated learning concepts, combined with a highly interactive teaching style, would best suit the needs of the department.
However, Benbow maintains that these problems stem from factors associated with intellectual giftedness -- such as increasing difficulties finding peers with common interests -- rather than from accelerated study programs.

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