accelerated decision

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The combined iPartners/SpatialKey offering can help insurers efficiently turn that intelligence into action through accelerated decision making and the proactive calibration of risk management strategy.
Make data visible, available, and usable when needed and where needed for accelerated decision making.
It can help remove the guesswork from planning by quantifying the impact of each variable change on service level and cost in order to justify and support strategic staffing and budget recommendations, This can result in quicker adjustments to chan ge, accelerated decision making and definitive benchmarks to help measure success.
5), a spokesman for the anti-abortion group LIFE was reported as saying that compassion had moved the court in the direction of an accelerated decision because the boy had been in a lot of pain.
The intelligent case management system automates workflows for document- and labor-intensive processes and integrates previously siloed legacy systems for accelerated decision making.
MK Shuli Moalem-Refaeli - Courtesy of the Knesset's official website Commenting on the law, Hamas, one of the main Palestinian factions said Tuesday in a press statement: "Israel's accelerated decisions against Palestinian lands and Jerusalem should end previous 'weak' agreements with Palestine.

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