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A hastening; a shortening of the time until some event takes place.

A person who has the right to take possession of property at some future time may have that right accelerated if the present holder loses his or her legal right to the property. If a life estate fails for any reason, the remainder is accelerated.

The principle of acceleration can be applied when it becomes clear that one party to a contract is not going to perform his or her obligations. Anticipatory Repudiation, or the possibility of future breach, makes it possible to move the right to remedies back to the time of repudiation rather than to wait for the time when performance would be due and an actual breach would occur.


n. 1) speeding up the time when there is vesting (absolute ownership) of an interest in an estate, when the interest in front of it is terminated earlier than expected; 2) in a contract or promissory note when the payment of debt is moved up to the present time due to some event like non-payment of an installment or sale of the property which secures the debt. (See: acceleration clause, vest)

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* Zen Driver: Accelerates incredibly slowly Accelerating aggressively emits ten to twenty times more pollution per quantity of fuel consumed than accelerating slowly and conservatively.
By accelerating a student, the child is pressured too much to achieve.
Within a few years, India and Pakistan were independent, and the process was accelerating in Africa and elsewhere.
The SPAID architecture optimizes data-intensive operations through accelerating storage services directly in hardware and separating the control path from the data path.
Army officials are accelerating the delivery of selected future combat systems to the current force.
It delays or avoids expensive upgrades and data migration by accelerating existing storage and extending its useful life.
The ACT program's model of collaboration and partnership shows promise in accelerating the preparation process while providing highly qualified teachers for urban schools.
Investigations are under way to test ways of accelerating the healing process, speeding re epithelialization, and decreasing the degree and duration of erythema, which would allow patients to resume normal daily activities in a timely fashion.
Because we did not treat animals before stage 32 of development, we do not know what accelerating effects OP treatment may have during these earlier developmental periods.
In setting up the conditions for quantitative wavelength-dispersive electron microprobe analysis a number of parameters have to be defined for each element, namely accelerating voltage, beam current, and (for each element) x-ray line, spectrometer crystal, pulse-height analyser settings, background offsets, and counting times for peak and background.
Generating plasma and accelerating ions requires drawing electricity from a microspacecraft's limited power source, notes Janson.

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