acceleration lane

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The construction of an acceleration lane at the end of the ramp from southbound Routes 5, 8 and 12 to westbound Route 5A
Driving over the chevrons separating the main carriageway from the acceleration lane is a traffic offence which causes unnecessary problems and potential danger for the car in front of you, as it makes it difficult for the overtaken car to safely enter.
When test cars drove into the acceleration lane at the speed of 40 km/h-60 km/h, the running speed showed a remarkable boost to 60 km/h-80 km/h.
The new lane would eventually merge into the three-lane highway on I-495; and a two-lane flyover from I-495 north to I-90 east that would connect with I-90 in the form of an acceleration lane and eventually merge into the existing three-lane highway.
Provide an acceleration lane for the right-turning traffic entering from the minor road, so drivers on the minor road can increase their speeds in that acceleration lane before merging into traffic on the expressway.
I had just turned a corner in an acceleration lane behind a car about two-car lengths in front of me; I was doing about 10-15 mph.
Use the acceleration lane to do just that--accelerate.
Hoskins said an acceleration lane could be built to allow motorists to merge smoothly with traffic in the left lane of the Fulbright Expressway.
Construction includes the extension of a turning lane into Costco's main driveway for arriving shoppers and an acceleration lane for motorists who will make right hand-turns onto Chad Drive.