acceleration lane

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In Cardiff they have been installed at very inappropriate locations such as the start of the acceleration lane from St Mellons roundabout to Eastern Avenue, causing all vehicles to brake hard before accelerating to an appropriate speed to join the motorway traffic.
There was a matatu behind me and without fail the driver proceeded to use whatever little pavement was available as an acceleration lane to ensure uninterrupted progress of his business.
[12] used aerial cameras to record the continuous driving behavior of a vehicle in a freeway interchange merging area and obtained the merging point of vehicles exiting from the acceleration lane (entering the mainline traffic flow), as well as their continuous speed and acceleration.
Driving over the chevrons separating the main carriageway from the acceleration lane is a traffic offence which causes unnecessary problems and potential danger for the car in front of you, as it makes it difficult for the overtaken car to safely enter.
When test cars drove into the acceleration lane at the speed of 40 km/h-60 km/h, the running speed showed a remarkable boost to 60 km/h-80 km/h.
To get anywhere from my home (Northop) I have to get onto the A55, from a standstill as we don't have an acceleration lane. At night, or when it's raining, it's almost impossible to tell which lane the traffic is in coming towards you, you need to have a good engine and a lot of faith to get out there."
Those new ramps are a one-lane flyover crossing over I-495 north to I-90 west connecting to I-495 as an acceleration lane before merging into the existing three-lane highway; a one-lane ramp connecting I-495 south to I-90 west; and a one-lane loop ramp crossing over the existing CSX/commuter line connecting I-495 north to I-90 west.
Provide an acceleration lane for the right-turning traffic entering from the minor road, so drivers on the minor road can increase their speeds in that acceleration lane before merging into traffic on the expressway.
First, the value of [V.sub.c] can be reduced through setting the acceleration lane longer, but the measures must be taken to control on-ramp flow according to the situation of upstream flow of mainline's lateral lane and avoid the situation that on-ramp vehicles cannot change from ramp to mainline, which may lead to vehicles queuing on acceleration lane and so the space of acceleration cannot reach the expected.
I had just turned a corner in an acceleration lane behind a car about two-car lengths in front of me; I was doing about 10-15 mph.
Use the acceleration lane to do just that--accelerate.