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Accelerative Learning Initiative: Level I training.
Fred Hatfield has advocated "compensatory acceleration" for many years; and "submaximal accelerative efforts" have been a way of life in Eastern Europe for decades with obvious success).
It is very accelerative and performs as well as a car with the same powerplant.
The new 911 Turbo's accelerative performance is duly tempered by its brake system, which is comprised of six-piston monobloc calipers up front, and four- piston monobloc calipers at the rear.
Responsive, tractable and hugely accelerative when pushed, the ST has no torque steer, no body creak and the steering is delightfully chatty.
The cars will be officially the fastest and most accelerative machines available on public roads.
The technology enhances the performance and control of vehicles by efficiently delivering both accelerative and regenerative power at each drive wheel on demand.
The catalog also includes titles of all genres, including Peter Jackson's Meet the Feebles; business training videos, including: Brian Tracy's Achievement in Action & Accelerative Learning Techniques; animated and children's programming, including: Gulliver's Travels; along with sporting programs, including: Skip Fredricks Xtreme Sports; and religious programming.
The MDG Health Alliance develops innovative and accelerative efforts to drive global progress towards achieving the health MDGs, typically working in partnership with governments, non-government organizations, academic institutions or corporations.
From figure, with change of accelerative growth parameter [theta], the whole network shows different degree distribution by adjusting parameter [[alpha].

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