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Irvan Hakim, president director of Krakatau Steel, said in the statement, The slab from Krakatau Posco will increase the company s competitiveness, reduce the cost of production and accelerative delivery.
Both Anne and Claire normally follow the Accelerative Integrated Method (AIM), in which communication is carried out in structured French.
What might it mean to 'recuperate' the future in the face of accelerative processes?
In terms of Stephen Pepper's classic conceptualization of perceptual dynamics, this is where the text develops an accelerative drive and projects an appetitive, near-consummatory field of observability.
2 bar of boost pressure, helping to generate incredible accelerative force.
The direction in which the accelerative force is exerted to the body is important in determining the effects of acceleration.
Journal of the Society for Accelerative Learning and Teaching, 10(1), 3-19.
High quality was indicated by the use of best practices, including (a) appropriate accelerative strategies that set the pace of instruction to the readiness level of students, (b) appropriate enrichment strategies that were directed toward individual student interests, and (c) integrated instructional strategies that differentiated based on individual student need.
Recent recommendations concluded many proposals affect hospitals, such as accelerative cuts in disproportionate share payments, immediately putting hospitals tinder the purview of the Independent Payment Advisory Board, reducing teaching payments for hospitals, and cutting bad debt payments to hospitals.
Early college entrance programs have been a longstanding accelerative alternative.
They moved from enrichment activities initially to accelerative experiences eventually.

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