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19 This could be explained by a regional acceleratory phenomenon (RAP); i.
The developed algorithm upon accumulation of values of all three X, Y, Z acceleratory signals allows to identify physical activity level across the various intensities investigated under free-living conditions.
According to the model, positive value of flammability parameter indicates acceleratory flame spread, and negative value indicates deceleratory flame spread while steady fire propagation can be expected when the flammability parameter is zero.
In the absence of parameter values to feed into diffusion models, the observed shape of a diffusion curve is unlikely to be reliable, as more recent models predict that under certain conditions asocial learning can generate acceleratory curves while social learning can generate deceleratory curves (Laland & Kendal 2003; Reader 2004).
Internal moments represent the net result of muscular, ligamentous, frictional, gravitational, and acceleratory forces acting to alter the angular rotation of a joint).
Alexandrowicz described three neuronal elements innervating decapod hearts: the intrinsic neurons (cardiac ganglion); the extrinsic fibers "" one inhibitory and two acceleratory axons-arriving "" three segmental nerves on each side from thoracic ga"" (combined into the dorsal nerves in decapods) to rea"" the heart and CG; and nerves innervating the suspensory ""nents, ostia, and arterial valves (Fig.
An empiric model of homeostasis should prove useful in identifying individuals whose decline has reached the acceleratory stage, when the risk of succumbing to modest levels of stress is heightened significantly.