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Its most obvious effect is to emphasize the accentual character of verse in English by making the ictus (the "downbeat," as it were) coincide reliably and repeatedly with a stressed syllable, regardless of the number of syllables in the foot.
Like Crapsey, Niedecker devotes her primary attention to syllables and shows a relative disregard for accentual meter.
First and foremost: does quantity perform a certain function in the syllabic accentual role, be it small or larger?
Corresponding to the accentual and syllabic conditions of the language, Russian verse permits free use of masculine, feminine, and trisyllabic (dactylic) rhyme, even though the imitation of foreign models (at first Polish, then German and French) for a long time limited these uses.
The Accentual Phrase (AP) is proposed as the smallest unit of intonation in Persian, with the pitch accent L+H* associating with the stressed syllable.
Rather than adopting a modern phonological or accentual system of scansion, Previsic grounds his use of classical prosodic terminology in a historical treatment that seeks to account for how poetic rhythm was understood by Holderlin and his contemporaries.
Oser has little to say about the formal qualities of Four Quartets, but if he did he would have to discuss Eliot's ingenious use of accentual verse (as Helen Gardner long ago demonstrated) throughout the poem, his variations on the sestina, Dantean terza rima, octosyllabics, syllabic verse, or his brilliant use of rhyme, for example, in part 4 of "East Coker.
On the purely synchronic level, the question about the system of scansion is rather complicated, as illustrated by Bailey's accentual analysis (Bailey 1991: 381-390).
The use and realization of accentual focus in Central Catalan with a comparison to English.
Some of these show that a considerable amount of what looks like accentual clash was typical until the cadence; others show that even this cadence was not inviolate from anaclasis; still others show that the rhythmic patterns of the tune resolved such clashes by musical means.
Throughout this long poem she skillfully employs a four-beat, accentual meter--an unobtrusive, fluid prosody that recalls Old English poetry and that of Gerard Manley Hopkins.