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With regard to accentual poetry, some readers are no doubt asking: "But what about rap?
What is striking about Attridge's approach to English meter is that, in company with the "timers," he regards accentual or "strong-stress" verse as central and develops a method of scansion based on the beats and offbeats that are clearly audible in this kind of verse.
By using data drawn from Portuguese, the author exemplifies such procedures and reflects especially on accentual shock in the language.
Duffell's claim "that quantitative verse can be no more than an intellectual exercise in English because of the language's strong dynamic accent and tendency towards stress-timing." (2)" While the classical tradition undeniably did intrigue Coleridge, Swinburne, and Tennyson (among several others), their Englished hendecasyllables in practice generally amounted to accentual renderings of what had been long and short quantities.
Of particular interest are three major pieces: 1) a thoughtful polemic against the "accentual paradigm," 2) a corroborative case for continuity between Old English verse and the so-called Alliterative Revival, and 3) an intriguing proposal to explain the decline and disappearance of the alliterative tradition.
12th of March to 2nd of April (1995, 251) Pound draws verse out of prose by listening for the ghost of accentual meter, or by finding words and phrases tractable to his own deeply habitual rhythms.
It may always be an open philological question whether the pitch-based accentual pattern of ancient Greek was also paralleled by patterns of dynamic or agogic stress.
They are mainly cast in an accentual English hexameter, which can roll along swiftly enough, but which sometimes suffers the logjam of a series of English monosyllables.
More radically yet, lines 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15, 16, 17, 21, 24, 25, and 26 have so many extra syllables that they can be read productively with a triple pulse, and the phrasing of line 19 is so tensely related to meter that the line can be read as an accentual tetrameter.
Amongst grammatical and linguistic shortcomings typical of ESL English, Dictionary for Lovers transcribes the accentual difference of "Chinglish," which leads to mispronunciation of certain sounds that have often been used to satirize the Chinese in literature--the novel opens with "unbelievabal" and "Heathlow" (7)--here, the satire is subverted in order to assert Chinglish as a legitimate language to express the poetry of intercultural incomprehension.
However, it is, the opinion of most researchers that the study of the processes of speech perception and decoding and the reasons underlying the erroneous identification or reconstruction of lexical items, accentual distribution and intonational patterns are still insufficient.
However one lineates or punctuates the poem, the accentual qualities of the lines in question aren't nearly as important as their syllabic qualities.