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In the first part of the study (Lotman and Lotman 2011) we discovered that there are two basic patterns of accentual rhythm in Estonian trochaic tetrameter and established the chronological-aesthetic framework of these models: Traditionalists and Modernists have different secondary rhythm in Estonian trochaic tetrameter.
This marked consistency detected in these classes is attributed to accentual pattern which must have been stable at the time of the operation of Verner's Law (D'Alquen 1988: 90).
36) Paul Fussell, pointing admiringly to these same metaphors, defines exactly this physiological acceleration in meter: "since the beat in most accentual poetry is slightly faster than the normal heart beat, the apprehension of metered language exhilarates the hearer or reader physically: the heart beat, it is said, actually speeds up in an effort to `match' the slightly faster poetic rhythm.
I listened inside, and the first lines came out in an accentual four-beat line, a rhythm I haven't used in years:
A sampling of topics: the accentuation of neuter nouns in Slovene and West Bulgarian, the Indo-European stative in Slavic, the relative chronology of Slavic accentual developments, temporal gradation and temporal limitation, syntax and semantics in the history of Chinese, and Russian syntax and semantics, among other topics.
The abolition of the conflict of matter and spirit in the divine creative act, expressing as such a belief in the lack of material substrate of evil, had twofold consequences, human as well as divine, both highlighted by the accentual shifts of Augustine's understanding.
MacDiarmid, Bunting, and Mullen all explore the fusion of different types of vernacular speech, but that effort is often inflected with a range of motives -- philological, accentual, or racial -- that are crucial to capturing important distinctions in their poetic practice.
Espaillat's seven-line stanzas of accentual trimeter and tetrameter with some variations are unified by a refrain, "Past the boundaries of knowing," that encapsulates the theme of the poem and ties it to the substance of each individual stanza.
32) A detailed 1955 study by Pierre Fortassier similarly emphasizes the importance of accentual mutability as a key rhythmic element in French poetry.
Both aspects of this poetry come naturally to Charles Wright, as do the electrically charged accentual beats and the tolling spondees (in that final line) that ripple through this poem.
Metonymy is Pinsky's primary tool, as in much contemporary poetry, and his verse arrives as expertly written rough accentual lines, also a common denominator.
But I believe the point for Olson was that, unlike closed-verse metrical patternings of accentual syllabic measures, a quantitative free verse would open poetic measure to reflexive enactments of the dimension of time itself insofar as it can be embodied by sound in a poem.