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Lichenification and follicular accentuation are more common in skin of color, as are hypopigmentation and/or hyperpigmentation.
The distribution of accentuation types inherent in the examined contingent was as follows:
Wood's lamp examination revealed an off-white accentuation, in contrast to the chalky-white accentuation noted in vitiligo.
Rather than dismiss these as infelicities or ineptitude, he finds enough instances to sort them into categories of "reverse accentuation," validating the notion that these counterintuitive text settings are indeed purposeful.
One preliminary attempt to address the question of student tolerance and the accentuation effects of an honors education was a study by Shepherd & Shepherd ("Liberal Tolerance") that reported the results of a student attitude survey concerning the civil rights of selected marginalized groups.
It's an accentuation of our strategy," Pugh remarked.
Among the topics are syllable duration and sign structure in spontaneous Finnish sign language, two different intonation contours of Estonian jaajaa, the perception of phrase boundaries and prominent syllables in German, an acoustic study of accentuation in Estonian Swedish compounds, and postponed pitch reset as a device for indicating dependency between utterances.
A system of accentuation in the Mari language seems to be non-typical for Uralic languages, as Mari has variable but clearly definable stress.
Le style [beaucoup moins que]d'entraEneur[beaucoup plus grand que] exige une forte implication dans la gestion des taches, parallelement a une tres haute accentuation des qualites de soutien apporte aux employes.
Colours become distorted, with dulling of blues and accentuation of reds, yellow and oranges.