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As before the accentuation coefficient that characterizes the speed of growth in category 1 is the proportionality factor between balance in category 1 and category 2.
This process of story development and distilling the strategy down to key elements helps clarify the strategy to avoid depending on "hope and magic," Jones' phrase for basing strategy on accentuation of positive characteristics that, in reality, are based on empty analysis (p.
Next, simple rhythmic patterns played by the surdo and the tamborim are presented and the student is encouraged to vocalize or tap them while counting out loud to develop the proper sense of timing and accentuation.
The talks were a continuation of the Pakistan Assistance Kerry- Lugar Act, which had pledged the highest amount ever paid to any nation for accentuation and development of democracy in a country, Conroy noted.
The outline parts are enhanced effectively to give edges more clearness while giving a moderate accentuation to the texture areas to look more finely detailed.
The green overlay demonstrates the accentuation of the J wave as the patient was further cooled to 29[degrees]C.
All this forced precise accentuation, which I heard in abundance from the chorus, showing some real discipline.
A blending of sporadic accentuation on the horns, and reverb on the occasional snare, leaves plenty of room to hear the strength of the musicianship.
The result is an accentuation of the width, highlighting the vehicle's athletic capabilities.
The outline parts are enhanced effectively to give edges increased clarity, while simultaneously giving a moderate accentuation to the textured areas so they look finely detailed.
There won't be a lot of accentuation of the positive.
With ABC HSR, there is an accentuation of symptoms in the hours immediately after the dose and worsening of symptoms with each subsequent dose.