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The Divine Revelation (Al-Qur'an) states clearly: 'Intelligent people always readily accept advice.' American historian Harry Elmer Barnes ('Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace: A Critical Examination of the Foreign Policy of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and It's Aftermath'), offered this stern warning to American politicians if the US led wars continue leading to man's annihilation from this planet:
Janella has denied this, saying she will accept advice from her family but make her own decisions, much like the way she has navigated her tenure as vice mayor.
You always have the final say on what to do, whether or not to accept advice, so no harm to be more open, or at least listen.
But Chancellor Philip Hammond has opted to accept advice from campaigners for a more drastic reduction to PS2, it has been reported.
Throughout this book, he was willing to consider various alternatives to Taiwan; accept advice and aid from retired, recently enemy Japanese military leaders; elevate and then dispose of Chinese Nationalist military and political leaders favored by the United States; and pursue a bloody crackdown against dissidents in Taiwan.
The incident left Mason fighting for his life in intensive care and, although he recovered enough to return to training, the midfielder was forced to accept advice he should not play again.
Only in some respects do news media demonstrate true responsibility, mainly when they cover national security and armed forces issues, in which instances, they generally accept advice. By and large, TV news media do not exhibit the maturity in tone, language, pitch and approach which is synonymous with the practice of responsibility.
Stokes was named the competition's most valuable player after scoring 316 runs and taking 12 wickets for the eventual runners-up, but was happy to accept advice from an unlikely Antipodean ally in the nets.
Our diplomatic staff have been building those contacts and links in the run up to the election," the spokeswoman said when asked whether the government would accept advice from Farage.
Before borrowing to expand into global markets, corporations must assess geopolitical and long-term risks and not simply accept advice from international bankers.
Further, executives and other decision makers may be more likely to accept advice from industry peers, increasing their receptiveness to board input and better facilitating the exchange of information.
Speaking at Llandudno magistrates' court, she said that 74-year-old Hawkins had refused to accept advice about merely using a bird feeder which would be inaccessible to larger birds.