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Nor do we accept advice, especially from our partners, or from friends.
Speaking at Llandudno magistrates' court, she said that 74-year-old Hawkins had refused to accept advice about merely using a bird feeder which would be inaccessible to larger birds.
Of course Shankly had his bootroom, trusted lieutenants who he would listen to and accept advice from.
WHATEVER she had to impart I wouldn't have taken notice - I grew up in jeans and T-shirts and couldn't accept advice from my mum or my sisters.
TV presenter Judy Finnigan refuses to accept advice from anyone, her daughter Chloe Madeley has revealed.
It is a funny thing, but cooks, when considered as a class, are among the most reluctant people to accept advice that I have ever met.
One of the major challenges O'Mahoney says he faces is a reluctance on the part of some contractors to accept advice.
Provider wishes to invite technical dialogue under the Public Procurement Directive Annex 1, paragraph 8, which reads as follows: ~Within the contracting authorities launching a procurement procedure, they can be using a "technical dialogue" seek or accept advice which may be used to the preparation of specifications, provided that such advice does not have the effect of precluding competition.
How can you accept advice that you should be pleading guilty from someone who has been appointed, and it's in his interests that you should plead guilty because it will save him a day or two on the trial and he will get the same pay either way?
In a meeting with senior Communist Party of China official Liu Yunshan, North Korea's top military officer Choe Ryong Hae, who is visiting Beijing as a special envoy of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, said Pyongyang "is willing to accept advice from the Chinese side and carry out dialogue with relevant parties," according to Xinhua.
But it's important to accept advice and start a very positive line of action.
I decided to resign because I did not see any reason I should remain in government which does not accept advice.