accept responsibility

See: promise, vow
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'I will accept responsibility for your safety, and the safety of your children and your loved ones,' Rajapaksa said.
The Canadian Securities Exchange has not reviewed the contents of this news release and does not accept responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this news release.
She said that the government should accept responsibility for these types of incidents, adding implementation of law was necessary to stop such incidents.
The idea that: "We become what we think about," and the concept that "When you accept responsibility for your attitude, you accept responsibility for your entire life."
It comes after a group of Conservative councillors penned a letter to the new Lord Mayor calling for an EGM and an apology from the cabinet member for city services, Councillor Jayne Innes, asking her to "accept responsibility for misleading full council".
Professionals make decisions as individuals and accept responsibility.
But there is no indication in the letter that the signatories accept responsibility for the consequences of terminating negotiations, which could justify the defense of status-quo.
In signing up to Uber, drivers have to accept responsibility for having a new vehicle of precise specifications, and providing passenger services such as free water, free mobile phone charger, free WiFi etc, without realising that a) they receive no additional income for the expenditure; b) Uber would not deduct tax on behalf of any driver (drivers must accept responsibility for paying tax and national insurance); c) Uber would take a percentage of any takings.
"I said to the boys I accept responsibility. I think it's important as well that they look at themselves as players.
When he meets some of his now adult offspring, he learns to accept responsibility for the first time in his life.
"As district incharge it is my moral duty to accept responsibility for this poor performance.
At first the Taliban did not accept responsibility but suddenly they accepted responsibility on the attack on security team deployed at Bilawal House.