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In addition, sensory evaluation was conducted to test tortilla consumer acceptability.
My acceptability is second to none because my antecedents and my contributions to community development speak louder for me.
(2016) conducted a DCE assessing UK respondents' acceptability of funding for financial incentives aimed at promoting various health behaviors.
However, Americans' views on the moral acceptability of human cloning vary little by education level.
The JD-U's support to Kovind clearly speaks of his wider acceptability among non-NDA parties.
Keywords: Dissemination, awareness, acceptability, revised LDCU vision and mission, CAS objectives
Muscle samples were taken from each sheep, cooked and evaluated by 7 individuals in terms of Warner Bratzler Shearforce(WBS), tenderness, juiciness, flavour, acceptability and the Number of chews before swallow(NCBS).
The April 29 planning decision on Central Square does not settle the issue, for councils have in law to test 'public acceptability' of major transport infrastructure.
The studies reported here examined Australian parents' self-reports of parenting techniques to increase desired behaviour and decrease undesirable behaviour in their children, as well as their views on the acceptability and effectiveness of some commonly recommended positive parenting techniques.
Some have asserted that the term "generally accepted accounting principles" (i.e., GAAP) has lost its "general" acceptability over time, and that it is now time to make accounting standards both relevant to users and relatively simple for professionals to understand and implement.
Developing a Model to Measure Contraceptive Acceptability
"We strongly believe in a collaborative approach to project development, because social acceptability is essential to a successful project.