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However, Americans' views on the moral acceptability of human cloning vary little by education level.
The minister said that opinion from indigenous scientists on the matter, would help from government decisions on the acceptability or otherwise of the organisms.
Quantity or scope: of acceptability studies for 10 wastewater treatment plants and prospects for future developments
While the most ideal the better (the objective approach) method was used for the tenderness, juiciness and WBS values in the normalization process, the lowest the best (the minimum approach) method was used for flavour and NCBS in the normalization process and the highest the best (the maximum approach) method for the acceptability in the normalization process.
Treatment acceptability was originally defined by Kazdin (1980a) as "judgments of treatment procedures by professionals, laypersons, clients, and other potential consumers" (p.
Let the council now lay out their plans clearly, show how they meet (or fail) the principles for a bus station and truly multi-modal transport hub, and subject them to the public acceptability test.
A possible explanation for the use of such techniques may lie in parental views regarding the acceptability and/or effectiveness of different parenting strategies, of which little is known.
In reaction, Jong Cabrestante, head of the PCSD Staff Knowledge Platform, explained in a press briefing Tuesday that the policy was anchored on Republic Act 9147, or the Philippine Wildlife Act, and that it doesn't provide any social acceptability criteria.
The main objective of this study is to investigate the development of translation acceptability in the process of ATC.
While the promotion of the female condom seems obvious in this context, global health agencies often express their concern about the low acceptability and low usage rates of the female condom (11-13).
This study was set up to inquire how French people judge the acceptability of executive compensations as a function of the variables that are used to calculate compensations in large companies.
Global Banking News-July 18, 2014--ING economist proposes measures to enhance acceptability of bitcoin