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In seeking appropriate methods of measuring acceptability, researchers have developed a range of explicit measures, including the Treatment Acceptability Rating Form-Revised (TARF-R; Reimers et al.
The first scholar in translation studies to use the term acceptability was Toury (1995) in his Descriptive Translation Studies and Beyond.
Donna McVey, Chief Development Officer, Norgine, commented: "We are pleased that the first patients have now been enrolled into the European studies which aim to demonstrate that NER1006 can improve patient acceptability and compliance.
The Phase III programme also includes two clinical studies in Europe further investigating the bowel cleansing efficacy, compliance, safety, patient acceptability and tolerability of NER1006.
10,11) Given disproportionately high HIV prevalence among Black women, we assessed HIV vaccine acceptability and correlates of acceptability among Black women from African and Caribbean communities in Toronto.
Acceptability ratings were obtained using the Abbreviated Acceptability Rating Profile (AARP; Tarnowski & Simonian, 1992).
Unmarried women having babies, sex between unmarried men and women, and gay and lesbian relationships also saw high percentages of moral acceptability, at 67, 63 and 59 percent, respectively-all up from a decade ago.
In preparation for this trial, the present sensory evaluation was conducted to assess the acceptability of the new LNS flavours among HIV-infected adults in Tanzania.
Attitudes toward EBPs have also been found to be associated with ratings of the effectiveness and acceptability of both pharmacological and psychosocial EBPs among SUD counselors (Abraham et al.
During the sensory evaluation portion of the research, the prepared samples were evaluated by 57 panelists for their appearance, flavor, texture and overall acceptability based on a nine-point hedonic scale.
A Phase I Study on the Feasibility and Acceptability of an Acupuncture/Hypnosis Intervention for Chronic Pediatric Pain.
The Ottawa group have previously examined the acceptability of the Canadian C-spine rule to clinicians (Brehaut et al 2009).