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The percentage of Americans who say they find human cloning morally acceptable has increased, but the overwhelming majority still find it morally unacceptable.
In the course of our research we asked thousands of users, we talked to advertisers and created the Acceptable Ads criteria (4), which users can either activate or deactivate in their extension.
Although 69 percent think that it is acceptable for a single person to flirt with another Internet user, just 6 percent think it is morally acceptable for a married person to flirt with another Internet user without their spouses' knowledge.
The sobering answer is this: Operating your plan according to 404(a), offering an acceptable menu of investments (with a process to monitor them), and working within 404(c), a set of guidelines which includes allowing your participants to choose their own investment mix, will go a long way in shielding the fiduciaries and trustees of the plan from participant-directed lawsuits.
Thus, valuations using an average of the high and low trading price of that day should be acceptable, as well as the closing price of the issuing corporation stock on the relevant exchange in situations of a single trade.
Brosseau provides one example of a use of force by a police officer that, while constitutionally questionable, was certainly in the "sometimes hazy border between excessive and acceptable force," and, therefore, the officer was entitled to qualified immunity.
Six cars were rated as acceptable, seven were marginal and nine poor.
The Finnish-Swedish telecomms group TeliaSonera AB said on Thursday (11 November) that according to a recent Nordic survey three out of four Swedes think it is completely acceptable to answer their mobile phone during a family dinner, while the Danes disagree.
Section M of the request for proposal (RFP) contains a detailed explanation of the manner in which proposals will be evaluated--a description of what constitutes an adequate or acceptable proposal.
School climate sets the parameters of acceptable behavior among all school actors, and it assigns individual and institutional responsibility for school safety" (p.
Using these test variables, a cold mix is considered acceptable if it demonstrates less than 7 millimeter rutting in the APA.