acceptable behaviour contract

acceptable behaviour contract (ABC)

a voluntary written agreement to behave properly between someone who has been involved in antisocial behaviour and a local agency such as a housing association, council or police.
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The court was told the police had been in regular contact with Readshaw and his mother and had been unable to reach any agreement on an acceptable behaviour contract.
Sefton council had made several attempts to persuade Newall to agree to an acceptable behaviour contract,.
SNT officers stress that the letters are needed to spell out concerns officers have about the child and go on to threaten further action, such as an Acceptable Behaviour Contract (ABC) or a Criminal Behaviour Order.
He has been served with an acceptable behaviour contract by police and if there's further similar behaviour there will be an application for an Asbo.
He signed an Acceptable Behaviour Contract (ABC) last November.
It is hard to see an Acceptable Behaviour Contract as more than another gimmicky initiative from a Government which is at a loss to know how to tackle anti-social behaviour.
Sgt Morris said: "We have already identified and begun working with a number of local youths, which has led to one of the youngsters being given an acceptable behaviour contract.
Prosecutor Linda Fowler said he would regularly shout abuse, despite signing an acceptable behaviour contract aimed to prevent such actions in January this year.
The following month Turner signed an Acceptable Behaviour Contract (ABC), where she agreed to a number of things, including not to misuse the 999 system by reporting fictitious incidents.
Rebecca was put on an Acceptable Behaviour Contract and the Challenge & Support team found a vocational training place for Rebecca to study three days per week, and encouraged Rebecca to attend and actively take part in sessions on alcohol misuse, to help her understand the damaging impact that drinking was having on her life and those around her.
The teenager was given the order under the four strikes process set up by the Safer Caerphilly Community Safety Partnership and after he failed to sign an acceptable behaviour contract (ABC).
Chadwick was served with an Anti Social Behaviour warning in September 2008, and agreed to an Acceptable Behaviour Contract in 2005, but she did not moderate her behaviour.