acceptable evidence

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24 concerning the determination of acceptable evidence for businesses to identify the residence of their customer is generally helpful and practical.
Confirmatory methodology for experiments includes certain key practices: prespecification of the statistical methods and the criteria for acceptable evidence, sample sizes based on power analysis, public prospective registration of experiments, experimental procedures that make intentional or unintentional data alterations by one person difficult, documented formal validation of software, and sharing data for analyses by others (Kennedy, 2013a, 2013b, 2014b; KPU Registry, 2014).
Certificates of Insurance or other acceptable evidence of insurance as required in Article 5 of
The Brotherhood accused the interim government of attempting to "settle accounts" by arresting Badie, saying the series of arrests were made under "fabricated charges with no legally acceptable evidence.
Robert Williams, 25, of Blaengarw Road, Blaen Garw, pleaded guilty to failing without reasonable excuse to comply with a community order and failing to provide acceptable evidence within five days.
It is considered appropriate to issue notice to Editors of 'Daily Asas', 'The News' & 'Daily Times' as well as Raja Riaz Ahmad leader of Opposition, Punjab Assembly to appear in Court in person and confirm above statement with acceptable evidence.
A video clipping showing a photograph of the man's face and a voice recording of someone who sounds a bit like him, saying he was happy with what happened and to expect more, which was sent on a CD to Al Jazeera's office in Samarkand and delivered by someone on a bicycle who ran away or cycled away rapidly so he was not caught, would not be considered acceptable evidence by any decent court, I am afraid.
Imaging and biomarker findings are now likely to be deemed acceptable evidence for approving an indication of "slows disease progression.
OK, now that you deem 'short-term climate fluctuations' acceptable evidence, Martin, and not "mere weather", then how about: 1) This year's worst floods on record, ever, in Pakistan, 2) The worst heat wave, crop failure, and wildfires on record, ever, and the subsequent halving of the harvest in Russia, and 3) The rest of the globe was exceptionally warm (Canada's average winter temperature up 4C).
The legislation sets out a long list of documents that form acceptable evidence of a person's legal right to work in the UK.
If these trials give acceptable evidence of effectiveness and safety, the sponsor may seek FDA approval for marketing to patients.

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