acceptable evidence

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A petition was also submitted opposing the licence application, but this was not accepted by the council's licensing department as acceptable evidence as it 'could not be validated'.
A statement given to police not recognized as acceptable evidence, the court observed.
Justice Azmat Saeed remarked " statement given before police is not accepted as acceptable evidence. No link is proved of the vehicle with the murder which was recovered .
21] and [April 10], 2019, the accuracy of the reported accomplishment cannot be validated due to the absence of acceptable evidence,' the GCG said.
In addition, WHD found Cowboy LKN LLC failed to maintain a certificate of age or any other acceptable evidence of age for some of the minor employees.
Women's testimony was not considered acceptable evidence in court, and male-female conversation was frowned upon.
Moreover, the GHQ, which was conducting its own probe, was yet to inform the FIA about the matter, hence no legally acceptable evidence was available with the FIA on the basis of which a criminal case might be initiated against alleged politicians, the report said.
'[The] Judgement passed in 2012 concluded that no convincing and legally acceptable evidence was brought on record by the respondent No.2 regarding the disbursement of amount to different persons,' the order said.
But his inability to satisfy the court or give judicially acceptable evidence has not shunned his personal credibility.
Nawaz reiterated during the hearing that the statements recorded by the JIT during its probe were not acceptable evidence.
The former premier further said, "The JIT's Volume X is a mere investigative report and not acceptable evidence.
Further, the former premier said, 'The JIT's Volume X is a mere investigative report and not acceptable evidence. I am not a witness to any document submitted by the JIT other than my tax records.'

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