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VERSATILE You get a sporty and refined drive while being acceptably economical
However, the trouble with making a modern quick car acceptably safe is that sometimes its braces get in the way of the belt.
Do not immediately judge, for the comical events that will occur acceptably leave us with a keen sense of justice.
5%) said they did not think there was any species of wild animal which could acceptably be used in circuses.
According to chief financial officer Tom Schoewe, the company performed acceptably in terms of growth, since net sales rose 1.
But it voted 4-4, with 1 abstention, that the drug was acceptably safe "in certain circumstances" when used as a monotherapy for MDD.
The panel also voted 17-0, with 1 abstention, that the drug had been shown to be effective for treating bipolar mania, and voted 11-4, with 3 abstentions, that it had been shown to be acceptably safe in this age group for this indication.
The MHRA is the government agency which is responsible for ensuring that medicines and medical devices work, and are acceptably safe.
Correlation with histology for quality showed that 27% of these were treated unnecessarily, an acceptably high level.
However, Toyota says that there will continue to be strong demand for quality family hatchback, saloon and estate models if the engines can be made acceptably clean, environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient.
If you're from a different culture can you go to Iran, Saudi, Pakistan, wherever, and wear the kind of clothing that you can acceptably wear in the west?
In relation to pipelines, existing design approaches may be too expensive, technologically limited or uncertain to acceptably manage the increased risk to safety and the environment," said Catherine Jahre-Nilsen, DNV's project manager.