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provided to me also indicates that management had set targets for downtime on rides, with bonuses linked to achieving acceptably low levels.
The rate of reactions was 5.8% in this cohort, which was comparable to the previously observed rates and deemed to be "acceptably low." These reactions typically were mild to moderate, responded immediately to the administration of diphenhydramine and/or corticosteroids, and were never dose limiting, they noted.
"An organised licence to be acceptably stupid" - Scientist and atheist Richard Dawkins on religion.
It's an efficient and quite acceptably rapid thing, making 62mph from rest in 11.4s en route to 112mph.
People in America have lived perfectly acceptably alongside it for quite a long time.
The automaker is recalling the vehicles because of a problem with the steering column outer tube, which is not likely to be acceptably round.
The cabin was a warming purple and the vehicle boasted powerful air conditioning, power steering, power mirrors, power windows, power door locks with remote, alloy wheels, plus a CD player, radio and USB input.Topgear described it as 'not bad' and 'an acceptably average pickup truck with an acceptably below-average price tag', which is some praise from one of the most critical of commentators.I kept thinking that if I had a business account I'd snap one up for all those times I've wished for a removal vehicle to pick up a bargain spotted in the classifieds, or to transport the family bikes with ease on our annual pilgrimage to Bahrain International Circuit in support of the Charity Wheelathon.
Developing 170bhp, and mated to a seven-speed automatic gearbox, it has a knack of delivering a sporty and refined drive, while being acceptably economical.
To that end, the GTC is acceptably quick, hitting 62mph in 7.8 seconds.
As a result, they have an acceptably low incidence of ROP.
Despite Robbie's determination and his initial sweet candor, we are also hesitant about whether Robbie will ultimately be able to lead an acceptably straight life -- at one of the key moments in the film, we watch him come face-to-face with the young boy he violently beat up several years ago who refuses to forgive him.
The effort arose from a recent report that found Bed-Stuy had one of the lowest percentages of "acceptably clean streets," in the city.