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Do not immediately judge, for the comical events that will occur acceptably leave us with a keen sense of justice.
Deep trenching is expensive and sometimes impracticable, and there is often uncertainty whether the final design gives an acceptably low level of risk.
The acceptably sized sprouts bounce gently along the grids, while waste products fall through.
Consider bougainvillea, acceptably pronounced as either boo-gan-VEE-ya or boo-gan-VILL-ee-ya.
By getting their buy in and seeing that their key applications are performing acceptably, you will have a better picture of what the real ultimate deployment will look like and can plan better for it," says Leitz.
In industry, government, or anywhere else, how many huge, complex data-processing projects get finished on time and work acceptably well from the day they start?
Where Zoe Ball's acceptably entertaining yet ultimately pointless quest to makeover some former Blue Peter presenters began with this poser: "Who better to start with than Peter Duncan?
If anyone has pushed the limits of what is acceptably "art"--artistic provocation might be considered a rather meaningless aspiration in today's European culture--Schlingensief has.
Since the score was written for a ballet, it is necessarily episodic, although with the help of Tilson Thomas, the composer was able to connect the various disparate elements together into something acceptably seamless.
Were they seen as acceptably "feminine" because they were victimized by infertility, yet craved a biological child?
They perform their function of introducing their subjects acceptably, but, in part because of their brevity, are often limited.
A good practice is to get the system looking acceptably functional and creating a short implementation dedicated to the visual aspects once the system has already gone live.