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But I deny that I can abstract from one another, or conceive separately, those qualities which it is impossible should exist so separated; or that I can frame a general notion, by abstracting from particulars in the manner aforesaid--which last are the two proper acceptations of ABSTRACTION.
Elle a ete condamnee a huit ans de prison pour detournement de fonds et acceptation de pots-de-vin en octobre 2017.
The overall aim is to make acceptation and decision making on deep and nze renovation attractive for consumers and end-users.
During the conference, Habtoor said "the human sciences have evolved throughout history in reading the reality and organizing an idea to discuss and criticize for acceptation or rejection".
L'action de lutte pour l'indAaAaAeA@pendance du pays avait fait du sentime national et de son acceptation par les habitants son leitmotiv, qui a permis AaAaAeA toutes les forces nationales en prAaAaAeA@sence depuis les ann 30 du siAaAaAeA?
Patient's aesthetic acceptation data was collected by asking question to patient whether satisfied or not.
Lors d'un processus d'evaluation, le comite editorial etablit soit la pleine acceptation de l'article, soit la demande de modifications de la part de l'auteur afin que le document puisse etre presente a nouveau.
Herbal medicine can be highly beneficial in supporting many conventional medical protocols but gaining acceptation may sometimes prove challenging.
En chacun de ces cas, comme ce fut le cas en des epoques similaires, le <<theatre de la cruaute>> va de pair avec une acceptation de ce qui est, et s'emploie a lui faire donner le meilleur d'elle-meme.
After that incident of Pathankot, it was a natural and legitimate acceptation of both the governments and the people of India, that there should be concrete action from Pakistan which has not denied of the involvement of its nationals in the attack," Swarup added.
L'explosion des technologies de communication n'a quant a elle pas facilite une meilleure comprehension et acceptation des differences.
The Bengzon ruling obviously took the ordinary acceptation of the word reacquire, which means getting back exactly the same thing that one once had and lost