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Not sea-sick, be it understood, in the ordinary acceptation of the term: I wish I had been: but in a form which I have never seen or heard described, though I have no doubt it is very common.
It is a maxim worthy of all acceptation that a man may have that allowance he takes.
These desire from Sudan find acceptations from Turkish side specially after the vital political transformation that happened to Turkish foreign policy since 1995.
L'activite de Tunis Re a ete egalement marquee par une hausse de la charge de sinistre brute de 31%, expliquee par la survenance de quelques sinistres importants courant ce troisieme trimestre, conjuguee a l'impact du taux de change sur les acceptations etrangeres, (depreciation du dinar vis-a-vis des monnaies etrangeres).
He said any type of information could be given to the applicants except those where there were certain legal acceptations.
One of the rare acceptations of the word "nothing" in the phrase "of nothing" is "of no account.
les acceptations en reassurance avec 187,29 millions DH contre 163,20 millions en 2011, enregistrant ainsi une progression de 14,76%.
II y a evidemment recoupements entre ces deux acceptations du terme, les dominants assumant generalement qu'ils doivent leur influence a leurs qualites, reelles ou supposees.
In any event, the "return to history" in either of the acceptations discussed above makes it impossible--at least for me--to intuit a future for Romance studies as a discipline that maintains some continuity with what has been the field's self-definition until recently, that is, the study of texts written in languages that derive historically from Latin, and the translation of that commonality into an institutional and administrative arrangement of whatever sort.
The section on Plato ("The Architectonic as Arche") contains meditations on the general notion of "beginning," of genesis in pre-Socratic thought, of arche in the Timaeus, and finally on chora in its various acceptations as receptacle, medium, and space.