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Women were supposed to be a complement of men and not their opposite, a gender configuration which had, Gilman explains, an obvious racial subtext and agenda: the point for Freud was to use gender as the medium to facilitate the integration and acceptation of Jews.
The idea of conservatism, as we have hitherto affirmed its first principles and acceptations, is now being subjected to the disruptive forms of transformation which Father Parry feared, and to which commentators in recent issues of Modern Age have directed our attention, in the fervent hope of restoring the meaning of conservatism by also removing it from the predatory hands of ideologues.
Face a ces differentes acceptations du projet urbain--qui pour certaines restent encore trop sectorielles--il est important de synthetiser ce qu'apporte de specifique cette pratique planificatrice, ceci quelles que soient les echelles d'intervention ou les disciplines considerees.
In both cases, Smith does go on, leaving the derivation of terms from their origins aside, to give the usual post-1688 acceptations, as in "Whig history.