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Ngov Nary, vocal protester and representative of 11 families who were offered compensation, said she had accepted $16,000 yesterday.
Similarly, 697 forms for the election of the category of General Member at Union Council have been accepted and 111 rejected, 135 forms for Member Ward at Municipal Committee have been accepted and 06 were rejected, 183 forms for Member Ward at Town Committee have been accepted and 26 rejected, 287 forms for Chairman/Vice Chairman in district Sukkur have been accepted and 57 rejected, 154 forms for Member District Council accepted and 03 were rejected.
The spokesman further said that 46 nomination forms were submitted for PB-16 Loralai-11 and 25 forms were accepted and 21 rejected, 15 for PB-17 Barkhan, 14 were accepted and one was rejected, 33 for PB-18 Sherani-cum-Zhob, 15 were accepted and 18 rejected, 35 for PB-19 Zhob and all forms were approved, 22 for PB-20 Killa Saifullah and all papers were accepted, 34 for PB-21 Sibi, 32 were accepted and two rejected, 44 for PB-22 Harnai-cum-Sibi and all forms were accepted, 36 for PB-23 Kohlu, 33 were accepted and three rejected, 17 for PB-24 Dera Bugti, 15 were accepted and two rejected, 51 for PB-26 Jaffarabad-11 and 47 were approved and four rejected and 42 for PB-27 Jaffarabad-111 and 40 were accepted and two rejected.
Phone books are accepted any time by some recycling programs, as in Meridian, Idaho and Atlantic County, New Jersey, though yearly phone-book recycling events are the norm in many places.
However, when resubmitting and checking the Imperfect Return Election Indicator, the e-filed returns will be accepted.
Negative perceptions among some cardholders aside, the company says its card is the most accepted by merchants in Mexico, a position it expects to defend.
You must [also] say that light is a color that is accepted by air or a transparent body; I say the opposite of that, and that is that light can be seen on non-transparent bodies and cannot be seen on transparent [bodies], or what does not accept it.
Section 7122 says an accepted offer in compromise settles the taxpayer's liability unless the request is withdrawn before accepted.
This responsibility must be accepted even though the people preparing the return were experienced and competent and the return had received adequate review.
An OIC is pending when it is accepted for processing.
And while he continues to get into debates at school about the church's antigay policies, many people on campus have accepted his sexual orientation.
Furthermore, by accepting the Partition Resolution of 1947, Israel has also accepted a Palestinian state.