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Before the first of June, Gaston Cleric was offered an instructorship at Harvard College, and accepted it.
He did not drag his daughters into the mixed society of that period; he did not press upon them the company of those he most frequented, and whose accepted position in that little world of fashion was considered equal to their own.
Are no probabilities to be accepted, merely because they are not certainties?
These two were followed by an accommodating spinster relative, who accepted the heavy dramatic responsibility of "Mrs.
Yes, you have betrayed our friendship, Makar Alexievitch, in that you have not been open with me; and, now that I see that your last coin has been spent upon dresses and bon-bons and excursions and books and visits to the theatre for me, I weep bitter tears for my unpardonable improvidence in having accepted these things without giving so much as a thought to your welfare.
Certainly--she accepted, some time since, with as heavenly a 'yes' as ever came from the ruby lips of love.
She was acknowledged to be quite right, and the two parts being accepted accordingly, she was certain of the proper Frederick.
Naturally the Romans accepted it, as they did everything of the kind that was, or might be, useful.
But he came forward pleasantly enough and accepted the chair into which he was beckoned by Lucy.
What the result must be was quite obvious, and yet Napoleon offered and Kutuzov accepted that battle.
He was a Hanoverian, and his accent was then, I believe, the standard, though the Berlinese is now the accepted pronunciation.
The Youth's Friend has accepted a little sketch I sent them a fortnight ago," said Anne, trying hard to speak as if she were accustomed to having sketches accepted every mail, but not quite succeeding.