accepted belief

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I know that the generally accepted belief is quite the reverse.
Little Dorrit's interest in the fair subject of this easily accepted belief was too earnest and watchful to fail in accurate observation.
Each accepted belief of low vibration resides and attaches itself as cellular memory in our material aspect, our body, and these form habits from where we unconsciously operate.
Struggling students have to work more hours--up to more than 50 a week--to pay for a public college education in New Hampshire, according to a recently released report that gives more credence to the already widely accepted belief that the Granite State has the least affordable higher education system in the nation.
It challenges readers to look beyond the widely accepted belief that engendering change among individuals will lead to the transformation of collective engagement thereby saving the Earth.
This may be the result of some students' more practical inclinations and the effect of life in the age of information, but it is no doubt an important statistic that undermines the accepted belief that students shy away from practical subjects such as math and science.
Thompson and Briggs totally at variance with the accepted belief that the doe kangaroo voluntarily abandons her young one to ensure its safety when she is in danger of being overtaken by her pursuers.
This book breaks new ground by utterly disproving the commonly accepted belief that Lincoln and Robert had a distant relationship.
It means "We Have Not Hit This Accepted Belief Hard Enough".
A critical objective of the project was including men in family planning efforts, both to address their lack of opportunities to discuss family planning and obtain services, and to counter the widely accepted belief that family planning is solely a women's concern.
Their efforts gave yet another boost to the widely accepted belief that terrorists across Africa are killing elephants and selling the ivory to finance their attacks.
Unexpected findings may cause questioning of a commonly accepted belief or validation of something previously challenged in the literature.