accepted fact

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By and large, it is a generally accepted fact that the foes at loggerheads cannot come to peaceful deals at their-own ends.
'It is a widely accepted fact that there is a trust deficit among Malaysians because of poor election practices.
It is now a widely accepted fact that economically empowered women benefit the economy and help eradicate poverty.
That Filipinos are always late or have a skewed sense of time has become an accepted fact, though not necessarily true or a good value to emulate.
Hua Ma has concluded that, our space is a three dimensional and it is a universally accepted fact and there is no physical explanation to prove this.
'It is an accepted fact that incidence of physical maltreatment, grave coercion and extortion are realities in other detention facilities,' it added.
Existence of humanity with peace and justice is an accepted fact in every society and a system is guarded by the parameters of prevailing justice and human rights, ' he said.
It is also a somewhat accepted fact that they will be mistreated.
Judy Hou, managing director of EAHM, said: "It is a universally accepted fact that the Gulf region has witnessed the most robust growth in construction of new hotels compared to any part of the world.
It is universally accepted fact that an individual can have belief in one religion and loyalty only to one country.
It's an accepted fact that freedom of the media cannot be quashed, especially with new technologies and social media, and certain limitations are needed in order to avoid material that can tarnish country, governance and society.
It is an accepted fact in India and all over the world that emissions from diesel vehicles are more injurious to environment than petrol or other sources of energy like CNG," said the bench.