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She had decided that it would be best to mention Dick Moore occasionally as an accepted fact, and not give undue morbidness to the subject by avoiding it.
Have you ever heard the Met office, or the BBC, report the accepted fact that the satellite data has shown no statistical increase in global temperature for more than 18 years?
IT is an accepted fact that overseas ownership of UK major companies is not necessarily prudent economics and certainly not good business for the UK.
But it is an accepted fact that Turkey and Iran are busy in quiet diplomacy to strike a chord over Yemen, and bailout the entire region from another undesired war.
com)-- It is an accepted fact that getting older brings a lot of illness and disease so if the process of ageing in the cells could be slowed down, it's possible that some of these conditions could also be eliminated.
Another publicly accepted fact surrounding the Whitechapel Murders has been that the killer, after killing, and mutilating some of the victims removed vital organs at the crime scenes taking them away with him.
But as the actor has said himself, there's no hoohah about him being gay in the storylines, it's just an accepted fact and I think that's the best way to portray gay characters.
It is accepted fact that, while an Englishman will support Scotland in a sporting competition, a Scotsman will never support England.
It is an accepted fact that sustaining the success of a multi-dimensional FEC is a specialised business and it is best left to specialists in those segments.
People always think that human rights are limited to torture cases and war, but it is an internationally accepted fact that everyone has the right to live in clean, safe areas," Bahrain Human Rights Watch Society secretary-general Faisal Fulad told a Press conference yesterday.
Siraj-ul-Haq said in his speech that it was an accepted fact that Islamic Banking and financial institution are attracting more attention of the people who are keen to emphasize the joining of human beings common financial needs with the edicts of Allah (SWT).
But gradually, it became an accepted fact among housemates that the two shared a strong bond.