accepted language

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De Buman's statements in Yerevan, translated into an internationally accepted language, can be regarded as support for segregation and racism," Hajiyev said.
They see much of the currently accepted language as perpetuating discrimination against persons with substance use disorders and their families.
The situation is explained by the fact that speech, languages and functional languages became the accepted language, activated by the speaker in certain circumstances, which gradually emerged as cultural scenarios to follow in cases of linguistic interaction and requesting adaptations of the language used in speech.
Each story follows a pattern which includes counting, clapping, jumping, a magical transportation to a foreign land, finding a hidden animal (kangaroo), and saying hello and goodbye in the accepted language of the country.
We believe that since English is the internationally accepted language of international commerce, language would not be a barrier to exports for entrepreneurs who master the art of speaking the language.
Even though English is a universally accepted language it is most important to know the language of that country where we live in for business or job.
Rule amendments included: a change in the accepted language proficiency tests and scores and an application fee increase for internationally educated nurses.
The ontology has been represented using a formal and widely accepted language, the express language, so the integration with other models in the product lifecycle is easier.
This classical evening is being organized by Smriti Nandan and IndiaTales to live up to its vision of re-enforcing our culture and tradition through the universally accepted language of Music.
n] [right arrow] (1, 1) does not change the accepted language.
As time goes on, we elaborate on this temporary use of borrowed meanings and eventually adopt them into our more permanently accepted language that reflects the way things are.
Although educational terminology is different from province to province, using broadly accepted language would have helped to enhance the inclusiveness of the book.