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But it is not prevention per se in the generally accepted meaning of the term: to stop something from happening.
What is the commonly accepted meaning of the Latin phrase Cave canem?
When there is no universally accepted meaning for a commonly used term, it may make sense to invent a new, more helpful term.
Moreover, Pelikan seems to mix interpretive apple and orange by comparing the addition of hidden meaning to the different exercise of application of accepted meaning to new circumstance, as when the protection of the press in the First Amendment is analogically extended to 21st century technology (80).
In Fairbanks, 306 US 436 (1939), the Supreme Court stated that an issuer's "payment and discharge of a bond is neither a sale nor exchange within the commonly accepted meaning of the words," even though Congress had provided for exchange treatment to the holder.
Bolin found this "inconceivable and inconsistent that there should be an office in an organization without duties" and concluded that since the Board had failed to state specifically the functions of a vice-president that the generally conceived and publicly accepted meaning of the office be recognized by the NAACP.
Or the decision to reschedule the client may be founded upon the socially accepted meaning of a gift (e.
Maybe a good first step might be for serious media to establish professional standards (like those of doctors, scientific researchers, or electricians) that prohibit their being used to disseminate, without challenge, uses of language that destroy commonly accepted meaning.
Incident" includes these occurrences, but it can also relate to power cuts, telecoms failures, fraud, contamination, the failure of key suppliers and other events that do not sit comfortably under the generally accepted meaning of disaster.
Similarly, the legal world has no commonly accepted meaning for mental abnormality.
Was Ireland ever an English or British colony in the accepted meaning of the word?
Words such as ``sex,'' ``alone'' or ``lying'' came to mean something quite different from the generally accepted meaning.