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But the globally accepted meaning is the one adopted at the 1996 World Food Summit and later modified.
which is given its usual and accepted meaning. Because insurers draft insurance policies.
'There is no difference in the accepted meaning of 'full pardon' and 'free pardon'.
Yet Montgomery argued that, while this has become the solid and accepted meaning of the line, hecollected 25 different manuscripts of 'Antarah before it became canonized, noting "the word mutaraddami was causing people a lot of problems."
That background, which didn't get much attention in the media, is important to understanding the danger of Trump's cavalier assertion that he could change the accepted meaning of the 14th Amendment with a stroke of his pen on an executive order or with the passage of law by a compliant Congress.
Just make sure you know the generally accepted meaning of an emoji before using it.
The reason this is now the widely used and widely accepted meaning is the sheer scale of violence of President Duterte's so-called war on drugs.
On November 2015 however, plans were accepted meaning the lucky new owner has planning permission already in the place.
Intending his dictionary for a cross section of readers from students to finance professionals, Raste, an associate professor of accountancy and commerce, defines the terms with the most commonly accepted meaning, and uses clear, easy to understand language to help readers find the information they need.
But, opponents of the Cybor standard theorize that de novo review is a mistake in other instances where factual findings regarding, for example, the level of ordinary skill in the pertinent art of the patented invention, the definition of that art, and that art's accepted meaning of certain claim terms are relevant to the construction.
If 'engineer' has a generally accepted meaning in everyday parlance, no amount of harrumphing will change that.
Incidentally, the word "Universal" in "UHC" doesn't have a universally accepted meaning. To put it another way, it is also unlikely that "one size fits all".