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Accepting is viewing reality clearly, without colouring it with fake shades to beautify it.
Tony Malkin; Mitchell Konsker and Alexander Chudnoff, Cushman & Wakefield, accepting the Most Innovative Deal Award.
Corporate holders of troubled obligations should carefully consider the effect of any potential debt retirement before accepting property in satisfaction.
His most penetrating remarks were those expressed in a memorandum to the Palestinian delegation to the Madrid peace conference in December of 1992, against accepting assurances by the Israelis and Americans regarding the proposed peace plan unfolding on the eve of the signing of the Oslo Declaration of Principles.
In fact, one officer informed me that accepting gratuities had been a benefit of working for the police department for the past 15 years and that he did not see any harm in accepting free or discounted items.
Since the member has no control over it, the entity, as well as its owners and employees, is not prohibited from accepting commissions from the member's attest clients.
In accepting his child's death, King David shows that he has faith in a loving, merciful God.
They don't see the organization's reasons for layoffs as different from an individual's reasons for accepting a better deal elsewhere.
But the question was: Would any camp director consider accepting T.