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In giving and accepting battle at Borodino, Kutuzov acted involuntarily and irrationally.
I could now see that I had been trebly in the wrong--wrong in hastily and cruelly suspecting an innocent woman; wrong in communicating my suspicions (without an attempt to verify them previously) to another person; wrong in accepting the flighty inferences and conclusions of Miserrimus Dexter as if they had been solid truths.
Sir, I am Lord Fellamar," answered he, "and am the happy man whom I hope you have done the honour of accepting for a son-in-law.
If Doe is in poor health, the revenue officer may recommend accepting $5,000 or even a lower amount, if offered.
NASDAQ:TIERE), the portal is being offered by MACATFO to all of Minnesota's 87 county governments as an easy, fast and cost effective way to begin accepting electronic property tax payments.
banks, including Wells Fargo and Bank of America, began accepting them as valid ID to open accounts.
The California Department of Motor Vehicles announced today that 92 of its field offices, comprising the largest, high volume offices, will soon begin accepting ATM/debit cards.
I wanted my clients to tell me what to do, and with this much plurality, we sent a letter this afternoon to Lockheed's counsel accepting the offer on behalf of my clients,'' he said.
is one of the largest payment processors for businesses accepting payments via traditional point of sale, Internet, catalog and recurring billing.
Features that would be banned include folding or telescoping stocks; handgrips of different types; grenade or flare launchers; and threaded barrels capable of accepting silencers or flash suppressors.
In the light of the recent movement in the SCi share price, and in the absence of an increased cash offer from Elevation, the Board recognises that whilst there are certain key risks for Eidos shareholders in accepting the SCi Offer (as described more fully below) the current implied value of the SCi Offer of 72.