access road

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The City Council and mayor agreed to provide an access road if Massport would run the airport.
We have a brand new train station at the Phoenix Park that is hardly used, and a brand new station at Hansfield that can't open because it has no access road.
Thus, the court held that the proposed intersection would satisfy the ordinance if the access road alone met the construction standards.
Construction of the multi-storey car park and staff access road is expected to start in the autumn.
Problems range from a lack of storage facilities and crumbling access roads to excessive bureaucracy and unwieldy labor laws.
The new access road will connect directly with a major Newport News highway artery, Warwick Boulevard.
The new inbound access road is being built on an embankment and will require a bridged crossing of the B4438 Catherine De Barnes Lane.
The ascent towards a framed view of sky is transformed at the top of the stair into a view over the vineyard and back along the access road.
Procurement Caragele Your Access Road Design Borers 16 and 29 Caragele the Access Road Will Probe 16 Caragele Length of Approximately 775 M and Will Link the Semigroup 16 Caragele Positioned Adjacent the Probe 16.
LEVEL talks to find a way to speed up the completion of work on a vital second access road to Barry Island have reached a critical stage.
Stonemason Gary Fenner is rebuilding the protective stone walls that line a steep two-mile access road leading up the hillside close to the pipeline.
But he had simply driven along the access road to his property when the cameras caught him.