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This leaves a major access time gap between online disk with access times in the range of ten to twenty ms.
The current generation of E-Disk solid state disk devices provide up to 12,500 random IOPS and access times as low as .
Data bandwidth between the FLASH devices is programmable through read/write access time parameters in the memory controller.
Hard-disk drives provide high-capacity (greater than 100 gigabytes) and moderate access times in an affordable package but, like RAM, are neither removable nor archival, even though in recent years the swap-out capability of drives and media has lead to a change in thinking about the removability of hard disk systems.
The new Flash memory device supports 54MHz microprocessors used in advanced cell phones and other emerging portable applications, and allows for random access times of 70 ns and synchronous access times of 13.
ACJ offers a variety of managed access solutions for any size business and it works just like those offered by fee-based providers including, secure username and password access, client isolation which prevents a user from snooping files on other laptops, user access support, and user access times.
The 32Mbit model reaches clock rates as high as 75MHz with burst access times as fast as 7.
The technology behind AIT tape provides a very practical and attractive storage alternative--it's very affordable tape technology that has access times (less than 30 seconds to a file) that make it a real alternative to active disk storage in many applications.