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Although the number of students who accessed the edublog site increased from 36 percent at midterm to 61 percent at the completion of the course, a closer examination and comparison of the questionnaire findings revealed that nearly 25 percent of the students never accessed the site at all.
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These BBSs can be accessed by using a home computer system with a modem connected to a phone line.
During this period, the data access requirements range from heavily accessed to rarely accessed.
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If it is true that students and other users will often prefer what is most easily accessed, an easily-accessed aggregated electronic product will encourage the use of its own titles without regard to quality.
Her inquiry revealed that the office manager had accessed the system before and after each payday for the past year.
The concept of data reacquisition leverages the random access functionality of disk-based backup and writes the backup data in full file format--the same format as the primary disk storage--so that the backup data copy can be immediately accessed without the need for a time-consuming restoration process.