accessible to all

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With books so inexpensive and accessible to all as they are to-day, no one need run any risks of marrying the wrong woman.
By supporting the first Accessible Qatar Conference and its accompanying awards ceremony, we have created a new platform for stakeholders along the value chain to explore creating visitor experiences that are authentic, enjoyable and accessible to all.
AccVerify SE 2002 is congruent with Microsoft's continued efforts to champion solutions that are accessible to all people, including those with disabilities," said Giovanni Mezgec, lead product manager for Microsoft FrontPage.
There's no question that hotels should provide some rooms accessible to all customers.
Civic pride and a willingness to work to make a city accessible to all its citizens prompted a number of advocates and activists for persons with disabilities to contact the New Orleans Audubon Institute, an organization which operates the New Orleans Zoological Garden, following the announcement of a pending aquarium in the Riverfront area of the city.

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