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Berard adds that the products were designed to be functional, simple to use, and accessibly priced.
While Rand was hardly the first philosopher to advocate an ethos of individualism, reason, and self-interest, no one formulated it as accessibly or persuasively as she did--or as passionately.
If stored correctly and accessibly, the value of fixed content data does not change over time.
It can describe, entertain, re-assure and frighten ( sometimes all within a few bars ( and speaks accessibly in purely musical terms.
This fourth volume in the distinguished Driskell series has many captivating images of his work, as well as scholarly but accessibly written text and notes that give a deep understanding of the artist.
In the "Oxen of the Sun" episode Joyce traversed the world of "English" style, not necessarily accessibly; here, Mitchell traverses narrative modes and styles accessibly, carrying out the idea of the evil of domination, in the process satirizing our corporate world and its greed.
Although at times he belabors his points, Stiglitz's arguments come across clearly and accessibly, even to noneconomist readers.
The collected essays are accessibly written with useful information about signifying, nommo, the grotesque, the sublime, Aristotle, Booker T.
The sculpture is readily accessibly via a walkway of more than 600 feet of interlocking brick which will be illuminated by a lighting system.
Its nuanced and accessibly written discussions highlight some of the cultural tensions inherent in rearing children in an age of mass consumption and make it an important contribution to the history of childhood, popular culture, and consumerism.
To his credit, Pollack writes accessibly about the the composer's craft without sacrificing his insights.
Second, Lane's book accessibly conveys the heritage and continuing vitality of desert and apophatic, or via negativa, spirituality - no small achievement.

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