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For many years the business had struggled along with a flavour of romantic insecurity in a small, dissolute-looking shop in the High Street, adorned with brilliantly coloured advertisements of cycles, a display of bells, trouser-clips, oil-cans, pump-clips, frame-cases, wallets, and other accessories, and the announcement of "Bicycles on Hire," "Repairs," "Free inflation," "Petrol," and similar attractions.
Was it not possible, that, having to paint the interior of a tulip-grower's, he had collected in his new studio all the accessories of decoration?
He had accepted her impersonally along with the office furnishing, the office boy, Morrison, the chief, confidential, and only clerk, and all the rest of the accessories of a superman's gambling place of business.
A ring with a coat of arms adorned his hand, outside his glove, from which dangled a handsome cane; with these accessories he endeavoured to assume the air and manner of a wealthy young man.
The game of revolution was a game of life and death, and mere accessories were traps.
For the rest, all the minor accessories of this spacious and tranquil place were as plentiful and as well chosen as the heart could desire.
Hawk,' said one very sprucely-dressed personage in a Newmarket coat, a choice neckerchief, and all other accessories of the most unexceptionable kind.
But such comparisons need not be pressed; and the song of bird or poet appeals instantly to every normal hearer, while the drama or narrative poem requires at least some special accessories and training.
The stage, in a great metropolis, exerts a very deadly influence over the young; they never quit the theatre save in a state of emotional excitement almost always beyond their power to control; society and the law seem to me to be accessories to the irregularities brought about in this way.
She had not realized the accessories of death, which are in a sense more memorable than death itself.
This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Bicycles in US$ Million by the following Segments: Mountain Bicycles, Road Bicycles, Hybrid Bicycles, Youth Bicycles, Others Bicycles, and Parts & Accessories.
Real Estate recently brokered a six-year, 14,930 s/f lease at the Fashion Accessories Center for IMT Accessories Inc.