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An official or formal statement of facts or proceedings. To give an account of; to relate; to tell or convey information; the written statement of such an account.For example, one kind of report is the formal statement in writing made to a court by a master, a clerk, or a referee who has been appointed to inquire into a particular matter for the court. Sometimes the report of a public official is distinguished from a return. A return typically discloses something done or observed by the official, whereas a report shows the results of an investigation into matters outside the personal knowledge of the official.

Regularly published volumes of books containing accounts of decisions and opinions of various courts are sometimes referred to as reports, but more often they are called reporters.

The Annual Report for stockholders is prepared by a corporation, a consumer report describes the qualities of a manufactured product, and a credit report assesses the creditworthiness of a business or consumer for a bank or other lender.

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a written account of a decided case giving the main points of the argument on each side, the court's findings, and the decision reached. See also RUBRIC.
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REPORT, legislation. A statement made by a committee to a legislative assembly, of facts of which they were charged to inquire.

REPORT, practice. A certificate to the court made by a master in chancery, commissioner or other person appointed by the court, of the facts or matters to be ascertained by him, or of something of which it is his duty to inform the court.
     2. If the parties in the case accede to the report, find no exceptions are filed, it is in due time confirmed; if exceptions are filed to the report, they will, agreeably to the rules of the court, be heard, and the report will either be confirmed, set aside, or referred. back for the correction of some error. 2 Madd. Ch. 505; Blake's Ch. Pr. 230; Vin. Ab. h.t.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Placing this table at the beginning gives the remainder of the accident report a clear humanistic perspective.
"I can't believe that you would change an accident report on the basis of the opinion that one manager, who wasn't there, holds.
The undercover investigation focused on allegations that runners were being used on behalf of medical service providers in order to obtain police accident reports. The police reports were then reviewed and those identified in the reports were solicited to become patients of certain medical service providers and to file personal injury protection insurance claims.
tampered with an accident report in which he wrongly mentioned that he visited the accident site [in Al Muraqqabat] and inspected the damages that were caused to the informant's vehicle before providing him with the report for Dh2,000.
A HOLIDAY jet with 190 passengers on board passed on take-off within 56ft of a 14ft high maintenance vehicle on the runway, an official accident report said today.
A PASSENGER plane flew "dangerously close" to the ground on its approach into a UK airport, an official accident report says.
A British Airways pilot felt 'as if he had been kicked in the chest' after being struck by lightning in the cockpit during a passenger flight, an air accident report said.
When minor accidents occur, both the parties can go to Enoc gas station on Shaikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, hand over car registration and driving licence to the customer services section, which will capture the damages on a smart phone and issue the accident report in three minutes.
THE pilot of a helicopter which crashed killing a multi-millionaire honorary vicepresident of Chelsea FC, probably became disorientated in an area of shallow fog and low cloud, an accident report said.
A PRELIMINARY accident report indicates engine problems caused a light aircraft to crash, killing the pilot instantly and seriously injuring his passenger.
THE crew of a passenger jet with 148 people on board almost landed at a private airfield rather than at an international airport after getting runways mixed up, an official accident report revealed yesterday.
TWO Boeing passenger planes collided on an airport runway after a misjudgment by one of the captains, an air accident report said today.

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