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Sources said a shot was accidently fired from a revolver the 16-year-old student was carrying in his pocket as he entered the school, hitting him in the abdomen.
Of those passengers who accidently left their PED turned on in-flight, 61% said the device was a smartphone.
A five-year-old boy accidently shot and killed his two-year-old sister with a rifle he got as a birthday present.
He added: "The incident led to the killing of two policemen and two other civilians, where accidently at the scene during the attack.
The Ministry of Interior had announced the same day that a Central Security Forces (CSF) conscript accidently shot a street vendor near the American embassy in Cairo but did not mention the street vendor's age.
In Indianapolis, a 54-year-old man accidently shot himself.
The film is said to be feature a murder that accidently happens in the presence of Qamar's character, who goes on a quest to find out who the murderer is, and bring them to justice.
Four militants were killed when the bomb they were making went off accidently in the Pirzada area on the outskirts of Ghazni city, the provincial capital, early in the morning, the governor's spokesman said.
The youngster accidently left the brown Vans rucksack on a bench by a bus stop in New Union Street, near the Quadrant in the city centre last Friday.
During the war, his ambition of flying with the RAF ended after he was accidently inoculated with pure typhoid rather than the vaccine and fell into a coma for six weeks.
A robust outlet from the restrictor ensures that users will not accidently damage the outlet tube when inserting it into the collection container.
A Holocaust denier accidently sent an e-mail meant for a listserv of like minds to the listserv of his son's Upper East Side elementary school.