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As a participating member in the ESRB Privacy Online Program, Acclaim Online has also agreed to institute security safeguards against risks such as unauthorized access and disclosure of personal information.
More information about Acclaim Online's privacy policy can be found at www.
We are very excited about our new sports site and our sports line-up for the holidays," said Paul Eibeler, vice-president and general manager of Acclaim North America.
Tkachuk is endorsing Acclaim Sports' highly anticipated first venture into NHL Hockey, NHL Breakaway '98.
Acclaim continues to support Turok through its nationwide TV blitz, augmented by in-store merchandising, print and online advertising and promotions.
The most recent in Acclaim's NBA Jam line-up, the top basketball franchise in video game history, NBA Jam Extreme features a new Acclaim 3-D polygonal engine to deliver incredibly lifelike player movement, immersive graphics and -- just like the NBA -- fast and physical gameplay.
Video game players have something extra to cheer about, because Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.