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The acclamations of thousands applauded the unanimous award of the Prince and marshals, announcing that day's honours to the Disinherited Knight.
The Acclamations have great attitudes, look like runners and run," he said last week following the purchase of another by the sire.
In the national parliament, the NEC said five MPs have been elected by acclamations, four among them in southern Sudan, are members of Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) while one from the National Congress Party (NCP) elected in eastern Sudan.
Further, said Trautman, unlike the other acclamations--such as, "Dying you destroyed our death, rising you restored our life, we proclaim your death, Lord Jesus"--the "Christ has died" acclamation is "more an assertion of the Paschal Mystery, rather than a unique expression of the gathered assembly of its own incorporation into the Paschal Mystery.
No bewailing there, just grovelling homage: "The people signify their willingness and joy by loud and repeated acclamations, all with one voice crying out, 'God save King Charles'.
Especially important are our acclamations that are part of this prayer: the Holy, Holy; the Memorial Acclamation; and the Great Amen.
Chapter 4 demonstrates that acclamations were formulaic and rhythmic; evidence here includes a papyrus transcript of a speech from Alexandria, complete with crowd response.
They include provisions for musical texts; postures; the sign of peace; reception of Communion; Communion under both species, vesture of lay ministers; Masses for special intentions and the dead; acclamations in the Eucharistic Prayer; art; and environment.
Authentium's Command Antivirus scan engine has received a number of acclamations including Virus Bulletin's 100 percent Award, ICSA Certification and West Coast Labs' Checkmark Anti-Virus Certification.
He was quite expensive but of all the Acclamations I've seen this year he was the lightest on his feet," said Redvers.
Captains of industry and giants of the corporate world may expect to be flattered by the acclamations of universities grateful for their bounty, and by the solicitude of those which still aspire to enjoy it.