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Charlotte Templin reveals that Erica Jong's literary reputation has been molded in a public debate about feminism staged between an acclamatory popular audience and a group of disparaging critics.
elections have not had much relevance to the political life of the country, save as occasions when the regime wishes to mobilize an acclamatory, self-confirming demonstration of popular support.
Lucas himself does not always escape those lurid commonplaces which lie in wait for the critic of Elizabethan tragedy', Eliot's first review of Lucas's Webster is on the whole no less acclamatory than the Criterion appraisal.
In addition to more dialogue between the presider and the assembly, acclamatory material, such as the Holy, Holy, became not the preserve of musical specialists but the assembly's proper acclamation.
The eighteenth century witnessed a flourishing of Jewish acclamatory liturgy in honour of French sovereigns.