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In the third level of the democratic order of society, excluding the praxis of voting, the democratic praxis of citizens exists mainly in the form of "acclamatory" or "plebiscitary" democracy.
Conversely, authoritarian governments can use state ownership mainly for political purposes; this results in an authoritarian or semi-authoritarian paternalistic, populist regime without a developed Rechtsstaat (legal system), regular violations of human rights, a kind of "acclamatory democracy," accumulation of capital and economic development subordinated mainly to egotistic and particular interests of individual capitalists or groups of domestic and international capitalists, and a "semi-colonial" political and economic status for the country.
Lucas himself does not always escape those lurid commonplaces which lie in wait for the critic of Elizabethan tragedy', Eliot's first review of Lucas's Webster is on the whole no less acclamatory than the Criterion appraisal.
In addition to more dialogue between the presider and the assembly, acclamatory material, such as the Holy, Holy, became not the preserve of musical specialists but the assembly's proper acclamation.
The eighteenth century witnessed a flourishing of Jewish acclamatory liturgy in honour of French sovereigns.
One of the inevitable responses of plants to elicitors is the enhancement of reactive oxygen species, whose accumulation can cause cellular toxicity and damage whereas their relatively low levels can be used for acclamatory signaling and promotion of defense system.
The acclamatory mass society so self-evident to Habermas was only peripherally evident to Hazlitt, in part because it was only just emerging but also because it necessarily appeared in a different light.